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Legends With Silver And Magic Bullets
If you arrived here looking for something more than some ideas on how silver and magic bullets, you will be disappointed…
Kingdom Tower – The World’s Tallest Skyscraper
For long the competition for the tallest building in the world was contested between two cities: New York and Chicago.
The Case Of The Six Million Dollar Tweet
This case is a little departure from my usual copyright infringement cases, and you might appreciate reading about a different lawsuits.
Hms Reaper And Its Legacy
The Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Company laid down the ship that would become the HMS REAPER on June 5, 1943.
Fast And Easy Science Fair Projects: Get The Point
Learn more about how changes affect surface areas and study surface area differences.
Christan Faith And Science: Similarities And Differences
This article will put you through in understanding the similarities and differences between Christian faith and science.
Keep Music Education in Our Schools
The tragedy of these curriculum adjustments is that they rob children of the opportunity to learn through different mediums.
What Are Genes? Nature Vs. Nurture
It is a common belief that genes are the superior cause of development in biology with all non-genetic factors playing a secondary role.
The Key to Being Happy
If you try to be happy, then you will never be happy, if you try to be cool, then that will never happen, one of the problems we re facing today is that individuals are simply trying too hard.
The Establishment and Collapse of the Ming Dynasty
There were a total of 408 emperors in ancient Chinese history including the famous founder of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang.
The Difficult Task of Learning a Foreign Language
Which is the best method to learn a foreign language? What difficulties await us during its learning? How to accelerate your learning?
Review of Carolyn Lieberg’s Teaching Your First College Class
Teaching your first college class can be a harrowing thought, but there are some good books that go through the nuts and bolts of how to get through the experience.
RAK Random Act of Kindness
We’ve heard about it, seen it on the TV and even in the Movies, but do you incorporate it into your daily life? What is it? R.A.K. – Random Act of Kindness.
Research Methodology in Psychology
Psychology expands as science with research, variable, experiments, hypothesis, and measurements. Discussion of psychology as a science includes explanation of scientific method, qualitative, and quantitative data.
Bullies Of The Past: Looking At It From A Different Perspective
It’s an interesting way of looking at things and it makes me realize that a lot of people from my past have changed.
Creativity in Personal Development
Recent research proposes similarities between the processes of the arts and creativity and planned personality development.
A Day In The Life Of A Substitute Teacher
I’d like to share my past experience as a substitute teacher with anyone interested in getting into the field of substitute teaching.
Flood Prevention: What Can Be Done?
Learn more about flood prevention measures and occasions that happened in 2007. Doncaster.
Technology in the Classroom, ISTE Standards
I realize this is a bit different from what I usually write so I beg your indulgence; I’m currently in college and this week we had a discussion in one of my classes I wanted to explore a little more.
Speed Arithmetic – How to Multiply by 11 Without a Calculator
In this article we’re going to look at a quick, easy method to multiply by 11 without a calculator. You might need a pen and paper for the bigger numbers…
Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun
No matter the telling of the story, Phaeton was the son of the sun god. For the ancient Greeks, this meant Helios.
My Life With an Undiagnosed Bi-Polar Mother
This is a surprising story of things I have remembered through four years of counseling. I was raised by an undiagnosed Bi-Polar mother.
Gaming Culture and Its Influence on Historical Presentation
Archivists and digital historians face a range of problems when it comes to the presentation of their chosen subject. Sometimes the presentation is as simple as what color text to use.
Effects of Alcohol Consumption Among College Students
Extreme alcohol consumption, as well as spree drinking among college students, continues to be an issue on the campuses and within surrounding communities.
Different Types of Intellectual Property Protection in the United States
The United States recognizes several types of intellectual property (IP) protection: copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets.
Five Things Parents Need to Say Their Child Everyday
In such a busy society, good parenting is a matter of least concern. They are busy in building their future.
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