Five Things Parents Need to Say to Kids

Parents need to say “I Love You” to their child every day, twenty-four hours a day, because without it, their child will never learn to love himself or herself. The first of the Five Things Parents Need to Say, is: I Love You unconditionally. Your child doesn’t have to know the reason you fell in love with him or her, to appreciate the love that you have for them. You simply have to express it to them, in your words, so they know the difference.

I Love You

Parents also need to say “I Love You” to their spouse everyday. If they are not expressing it to you in a loving way, then their partner may not see the love in your actions towards them. To get your spouse to love you unconditionally, tell them every day how much you love them, and that you want to spend as much time with them as possible. If they have trouble saying this, then encourage your spouse to be more vocal about it, by helping them to lead the conversation if you are around. This will get them in the habit of saying “I Love You” out loud every day.

Repeat Important Words

Parents also need to repeat words like peace, love, and happiness over to their children to reinforce these concepts. All children are aware of such words. When we are happy, children are happy. When we are scared, children are scared. Parents should make these statements to their children regularly, and they will be aware of them, and will translate them into actions.

Parents also need to understand that words will never replace actions. A parent cannot say “I love you” to their child one day and then not do anything to show their love and affection. Parents must find ways, through word and action, to demonstrate to their children that they love them. For example, while saying, “I love you” to their child once a week, try to take the child into the room, and sitting down with them while explaining the meaning behind those words. Try to draw them a picture of a loving parent, so that they can see what I am talking about.

Help Your Child Become a Good Person

Another thing that parents need to say is that words can only speak so much. To truly help their child grow and become a good person, parents need to let their children experience life on their own. Letting a child make their own decisions, and handle their own problems, is a great way for them to develop skills, and learn to take control of their lives. Letting them make their own choices in school, in sports, and with their friends, is also very important. By allowing them to make these choices, children are going to learn how to deal with their problems, and will feel less overwhelmed.

Children’s Behavior

Parents need to realize that children’s behavior has an effect on their parents as well. So when their child doesn’t behave appropriately, talk to them about it. Explain that children’s bad behavior has a negative impact on their parents, and it is up to the parents to teach their child right from wrong. Explain that it is better to be strict with children, but that it is also important to give them a chance to make mistakes, and learn from them.

Social Skills

If you think that your child may have a substance abuse problem, talk to them about it. Many kids’ psychiatrists have discovered that alcohol or drugs consumed by a child affects their social skills, their judgment, and their self esteem. Parents need to set limits on the amount of alcohol or drugs a child drinks, and make sure that the child understands the impact that it has on their life. With kids, parents need to set limits even on the small things, such as whether they can watch television or play video games for a period of time.

Planning Your Kid’s Vacation

Some parents choose to vacation with their children once a year. When planning your kid’s vacation, be sure to include these five things parents need to say to kids. Make your vacation a special one, even if it only lasts two days. Include plenty of sleep time, adventure, learning, and fun. Also, invite your child to do things he or she hasn’t done before so that the two of you can learn together. Your child will enjoy his or her vacation much more than if you’d taken them to the park and had them run around.

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