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Manuel I Of Portugal. The Fortunate Spice King.
Today’s article will be about another “frontfigure” of Portugal during the Age of Discoveries, the king Manuel I
Learn About Microorganisms For Kids
Microorganisms are very small organisms or living things. There are several different kinds of microorganisms.
Homeschool Life
I had family members who homeschooled their children when mine were preschool age, and I couldn’t figure out why they would do it.
Healing Through Ancestry
Honor and celebrating are ways of maintaining our ancestors’ wisdom, even though they may be thousands of years past.
Fast And Easy Science Fair Projects: Break The Beam
The purpose is to understand how a light security system works and find out about its purpose and contraction.
Therapy Qualities Understood as a Culinary Experience
For therapists to get a grip on the desired characteristics and qualities as well as the importance of self-awareness, consider an analogy with a uniquely South African flavour
The Family Magazine
Teach Unobserved. Things to do when there’s no TV, or how to teach when the kids don’t know they are learning.
The Expanding Universe…Or Is It
Early in the 19th century, Dr. Edwin Hubble made a discovery that changed the minds of many astronomers. He found that the ilky Way wa snot th eonly galaxy living in the universe.
Special Education Early Intervention Transition Example
Student name is a 2 year 9-month-old child who lives at home with his Mother, brother and sister in Someplace, New York. He receives special education services 2 times a week, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech services.
Raised Indian in a White Mans World a Day at Age Five
As a child my world was split in three. One thing my mother was adamant about was obeying the laws of the land. She sent me to school as was required any other American child.
Beyond Pencils And Notebooks For Digital Natives
Here are some recommendations for back-to-school items, prices vary from $10 to $900 and range from a #MustHave, #Wouldn’t-ThatBeNice to have to #NotSoMuch.
5 Important Years Every American Should Know
This list will highlight important, turning point years not only in American history but also in American culture.
Mentoring Is for Everyone, Older Adults Have Time and Experience to Mentor
The changes in the world make it more important than ever for our young adults to know more than we did. The school system is so messed up with things like no one gets left behind our children.
African Elephants, Poachers, And The Black Market Ivory Trade
Now there is no real need to search what an African elephant is, the African elephant is one of the most easily identifiable creatures on planet Earth.
The Fight for Individual Freedoms
I write this to explain oh so briefly why I am concerned recently by the seeming pre-occupation of the American citizenry with nationalistic, immigration, and religious issues.
Teaching: one of the most undervalued careers in the United Kingdom
As I sat down to watch the rugby on a Sunday afternoon (and my wife sat down to yet another load of marking) it occurred to me just how undervalued teachers really are.
Preparations for Inclement Weather
Pay attention to weather forecasts during storm seasons. It makes no sense to fill up your fridge and freezer if you know t that in two days you are expecting a hurricane.
Native American Storytellers
As the young girl marveled at the paintings on the mound during her visit to the Painted Rock monument in the Arizona desert, she wondered who had placed their hands
History and Use of Pragmatics
Just like every other existing entity, pragmatics has an origin. It is largely believed that when one knows the history of a thing, he will know better how that thing would work or how successful it would be in the future.
Sort Out Santa’s Reindeer (Rudolph & Pals)
Sure, you know about Rudolph. And perhaps you can name Dasher and Dancer, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, and Prancer and Vixen.
Does Time Exist? Time is Real
Our universe is expanding. We know this to be true because when we look out into space, we can observe the numerous galaxies drifting apart from each other.
Fall Is My Favorite Season: Fall Around Town
Fall is my favorite time of year! In the Spring, we say Spring has sprung. In the Fall, we say Fall has fallen. Fall has landed in the Texas Hill Country.
8 Steps to Become a High Performance Student.
A student always wants to have high-performance abilities. To be a high performer/ you need to change the way your lifestyle currently is.
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