Bob Hale Beyond Pencils For Grandma Shirts Fundraiser

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Robert Andries

In the early nineties Robert Andries set up a small store in the north main street of his village, Pensacola. This shop became a major hit, especially on New Year’s Eve. His mission was to spread awareness about feral cats. He also wanted to encourage other people in the area to get active in helping the poor creatures. He knew that many of them were lost or homeless because of the cat’s relentless appetite for food. He printed t shirts with slogans like “Feral Cat Lovers Don’t Have All The Fun” in order to generate further interest.

Beyond Pencils and Notebooks

Then one day while shopping in the local bookshop, he saw an advert for Beyond Pencils and Notebooks. Thinking it was a book on drumming, he picked it up. On the inside were some interesting photos of a cat food drive that had taken place in the previous month. He just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help out.

  • The next day he packed his bags and headed for the North East part of town, where Beyond Pencils And Notebooks now resides.
  • He knocked on a few doors, asking for help. Most of the residents readily obliged.
  • One elderly lady who answered the door welcomed him warmly, saying she regularly needed her groceries, which she would bring from her house.
  • Her granddaughter was going back to school, so Robert offered to keep an eye on things.

When he arrived at the end of the day, there was a line outside the front door. Of the ten or so people waiting there, three were high school students waiting for their supplies. One was from the other local neighbourhood and the others from the next neighbouring town. He didn’t know these kids were going back to school, but he couldn’t resist buying them a few presents. They were more than impressed when they saw the range of Beyond Pencils And Notebooks products available to them – all for under ten bucks.

The End of The Week

At the end of the week, he and his fellow shoppers were busy picking up several more sets of Beyond Pencils And Notebooks. While this was good for his bank account, the main thing he wanted to get was a gift for his grandmother. She had taught him everything from accounting to reading and his love of numbers and counting was starting to pay off. That is why this particular present was chosen: Beyond Pencils For Grandma shopping spree gift set that included her favourite coloured pencils, her favourite notebooks (she loved to doodle), her favourite coloured paper, some Beyond Pencils sticky notes and a complete set of her favourite high school supplies. When she opened it up, however, she was a bit taken aback at how much her favourite things had transformed – even more so than she’d expected.

In fact, apart from the Beyond Pencils and Notebooks, she also had Beyond Pens, Colourblocks and a fun run kit.

  1. The former two items were given as bonus gifts to her best friend at school and the latter two were purchased by her parents and given as a birthday present to her brother.
  2. Beyond Pencils for Grandma was the perfect present to increase her knowledge and appreciation for all things coloured and printed.
  3. Colour blocks and a fun run kit were items that any student at school would appreciate.

And these simple high school year presents were exactly what she needed to help her along with her preparations for her race event.

Beyond Pencils for Grandma

If you want to raise money and awareness for a great cause, why not give something that is useful, fun and exciting? And if you want to surprise your mum or aunt with something fun and different, then why not choose Beyond Pencils for Grandma? She’ll be flattered that you chose her brand of pens and let her know that you love her as much as she loves you back. Beyond Pencils for Grandma will make her feel special and the proceeds from her sponsorship will go towards a wonderful charity. When she thanks you for your kindness in raising money and awareness for a worthy cause, she’ll know that you really mean it; she’s the kind of person who’ll do what she wants to do and think outside the box to make a difference.

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