The Native American Storytellers

Native American Storytellers hold an important place in our nation’s history. Stories tell us about the Native Americans before our country was officially created. These early stories tell us about the spiritual beliefs and practices of our forefathers. These stories can give you a glimpse into a very different world before the white man came. Many Native American tribes still preserve their sacred customs, artwork, music and dance as part of their heritage.

Important Information

Now we live in a world that is made up almost entirely of information. Everything that the Native people produced has been recorded in written form. From oral traditions to songs and stories, they have left an indelible impression on our culture. But what is even more impressive is the fact that their oral traditions have survived into the twenty-first century. That means that they are still telling stories to other Native people.

Native American

The Native American Storytellers have been given a new lease on life by the various networks across the internet. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a microphone and a desire to share can take their story and share it with the rest of the world. These stories can reach millions of people throughout North America and even around the world. One example of a Native American storyteller isances. She is a member of the Cherokee Nation, and she uses her seven voice to weave her story into the Navajo language for everyone to hear.

Traditional Indian Stories

Today, many of us are hearing more about traditional Indian stories and the impact they have had on our lives. One of the stories I like to listen to is that of Robert Frost. He created quite a stir with his article, “The Flowers of the Sun and Moon.” In that piece he described his dreamlike state while traveling through the desert where the sun rose and set and the moon swayed. It was these kinds of images and feelings that I so longed for, when I was a child, for my entire life.

For me, Native American music and stories are an important part of the journey through life. Not only do we get time to relive the pain and suffering in our lives, we can also use our healing music as well. As we all know, music is a great healer and has helped many in our tribe, by changing their moods and bringing back hope.

Indian Storytellers

The Indian storytellers of the past who are still being heard today are the result of the work of so many before them. Stories told by Native American family members, such as the storytelling of Grandmother Plenty, or the stories of the Anasazi Indians, can help us understand the struggles and sorrow of our country’s early years. We can also learn from the stories of the pioneers and the struggles they faced. Many of us can also learn from the stories of the different tribes, such as Navajo, Ojibway, Lakota, Cheyenne, and other tribes. Through all these stories, we can learn that we are all part of this American story and all of our tribes, Indian, non-Indian are all part of this one common American heritage.

Great Spiritual Teachers

There have been many stories told about the great spiritual teachers that the Native American people have had since the beginning of time. Our ancestors have told their stories in song, to teach their people. In modern times, we hear the beautiful songs of Sitting Bull and Crazy Joe to help us understand the pain of the Lakota and Dakota tribes. Sitting Bull and Crazy Joe have gone on to teach us the Lakota philosophy, which consists of honor, respect, and giving back to the Lakota and Dakota people. Sitting Bull is known as the “Fountain of the Gods,” while Crazy Joe is known as the “Man with One Red Hand.”

  • It is not just spiritual teachings that the Native American people have passed on to us through their stories.
  • They have passed on information, such as medicine, astronomy, and how to create works of art.
  • This is what makes the Native American culture so unique and rich.
  • They have given us a leg up on our modern world.

Today, many of the Native American tribes are still preserving their culture and teaching their young children the importance of caring for the planet. So, while you are doing your research, make sure to keep in mind the incredible history of the Native American storytellers, and how their cultures have affected our modern society today!

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