In such a busy society, good parenting is a matter of least concern. They are busy in building their future. They lose the bond of love between them and their child. Being a biological parent is not enough; it brings a lot of responsibilities. Good Parenting plays a vital role in a child’s life.

Every single move of a parent creates a certain impact on their child. A child gets his first lesson from parents. Every single parent has their way of speaking and behaving. They don’t know whether it’s good or bad. It can go both ways.

A good parent should find positives in their child. Take advantage of small opportunities to talk. This will create a strong bond between child and parent. Here are 7 things parents need to say to their child every day –

1. I Trust You.

Two very important aspects parents need to look at in their children. One is self-confidence and the other is a sense of trust. The root of a good relationship is trust. As a child grows, a parent should enhance their ability to trust.

Study shows a child with more ability to trust has the power to cope with anxiety. Make them take responsibility. Start with a small one like room cleaning, making a bed, etc. It will make them more responsible.

Not having an ample amount of trust will make them feel afraid of taking big responsibility. When a child starts trusting their parent, it is the best time to tell them not to trust any stranger. This will prevent a child from falling in any kind of harmful trap. This is why at least once in a day a parent should say “I trust you” to their child.

2. Never Give Up.

Life is tough and it is hard to take each step towards a realistic goal. Every child will have to face hardship. Obstacles are there to come in the way of achieving the goal. In such a moment, losing hope means failure.

This will create a negative impact on a child’s brain. This impact will result in stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are a huge source of mental and physical diseases. A parent must not let their child lose hope under any circumstance.

Teach them the proper overcoming tough situations. Tell them to stay one step ahead of difficulties and never look back. It doesn’t matter how many times they get knocked down they need to bounce back again.

3. Keep on Practicing.

There is a universal rule that practice makes a man perfect. This sense of perfection should instill in a child from an early age. The only way to achieve perfection is to keep on practicing.

Repetitions of a task unlock many ways of achieving different tasks in different possible ways. Find the subject a child is weak in. Tell them to pay more attention to that subject. Motive them so that they practice it till they achieve perfection in it.

Not only perfection, but a repeated practice also creates a strong connection with the subject. They become able to get more knowledge. Practice helps to get rid of the discomfort of being a beginner. It helps to maintain continuity in growth and improvement.

4. Failure is not a Sin.

Every successful man was inexperienced at one time. Explain this to a child every day. This will give courage in mind. Success is achievement and failure is progress. When someone faces failure that means at least that person is trying to do something.

Explain to a child that failure is not a crime. When a child fails, ask to move forward instead of scolding. Encourage a child to use the lesson learned from failure and move forward.

A student not guided while facing failures will end up developing a pessimist thought process in mind. So, parents must motivate their child while they are facing failures.

6. Family is the Safest Place.

Family is the safest place on earth. A family provides a framework of values to a child. No matter how long anyone stays outside of the home, they plan to come back as fast as possible. Remind a child how much his family loves him.

A child should get an assurance of his safety. Whether a child brought up by his parents or grandparents, a child learns the value of a relationship. Family plays an important role in fulfilling emotional needs.

A child learns the first lesson of socialization from his family. A family offers great values to a child. This is why the family is the safest place for a child. When a child will feel safe, he can do anything with a free mind.


A child learns his first steps of walking by holding the hands of parents. Raising a child sometimes can be difficult. It is due to a lack of understanding. Once parents understand the thought process, it becomes easy to control the child.

To understand the thought process of a child parents need to spend some time with them. The behavior of a child says a lot. Parents need to position themselves as a friend. Then only a child will be comfortable sharing their thoughts and views.

Take a break from a busy life, and say all the above-mentioned sentences once in a day. A child will understand the value of a family. A strong bond of love will develop. After all, Family is the biggest source of love and support.