My Life With An Undiagnosed Bi-Polar Mom

My life with an Undiagnosed Bi-Polar Mother. When I was a young child, my mother had the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and bipolar-PI. She had not been formally diagnosed but lived with that diagnosis for most of her life. She was treated with Effexor XR.

She had severe mood swings and would have one episode that was relatively good to the next. She would say she felt like she was “all right” one moment, but the next she would be shouting and crying. She would also get angry and upset. My mother would get so depressed that I thought she would take her own life. She did.

Recovery from Bipolar-PI

My mother has recovered from bipolar-PI. She has done so well that she has learned to manage her illness. She still experiences the mood swings, but she has learned to stay stable in those emotions. She works hard and takes care of herself, but she is able to do so.

My sister and I were diagnosed with bi-polar-PI as well. She had manic episodes and depressive episodes. She had not been formally evaluated, but we were told that she was likely suffering from bipolar-PI. When we first learned about this condition, my mother was devastated. She believed that she was going to die.

Full Recovery

Fortunately, she did recover and is making a full recovery. She loves to share her story with others who are suffering from this condition. She is doing just that by starting a blog. This blog is sharing her journey to learning how to deal with her condition.

As my sister and I learned more about bipolar-PI, we began to wonder what the causes were for her to have this condition. My mother believed that there were several possible causes. She believes that she was born with it. In addition, she has read that genes and changes in hormones can play a part in this disorder.


As my research progressed, I was able to find that my mother was right. There were several possible triggers to her bipolar-PI symptoms. There are things in her life that could be causing her to overreact to certain situations, which in turn would cause her to suffer from these mood swings.

With bipolar-PI, mother and child are exposed to similar situations. It is possible that the child’s faulty judgment or mother’s exhaustion could be playing a role in the formation of this condition in the child. With proper diagnosis, bi-polar mother and child can enjoy a happy and normal life together.


A bi-polar mother would often get depressed due to the extreme demands placed upon her by being a mother. She would feel guilty for not being able to fulfill the duties of being a mother. Mother would often ask why she couldn’t get things done. This would bring up feelings of resentment and envy from the child.

In addition, there are those parents who would wrongly label their bi-polar as a child with a learning disability when, in actuality, it is the opposite. They would latch onto the condition as a sign that the child may have bipolar-PI instead of learning disability. In her book “Solving Your Life With an Undiagnosed Bi-Polar”, the author tells how many parents fall for this misconception. She tells how some bi-polar moms would incorrectly believe that their child was actually suffering from bipolar-PI rather than learning disability. It’s sad when you think about it.

  • A bi-polar mother would often take care of herself physically.
  • She would eat poorly and exercise on a whim.
  • Mother would often be self-critical and blame herself for the negative interactions her children had with others.

I remember a woman once telling me her mother used to say that the best thing she could do for her children was to die young because that is when the mother comes into shape.

Difficult Time

I also remember a bi-polar mom telling me that children should be disciplined right from the beginning. I remember thinking at the time that she was crazy and certainly did not have the skills to deal with her children’s behavioral issues. It is unfortunate that mothers are so over centered on being perfect, which often prevents them from realizing how bad they truly want to have children. That is a big problem with bipolar-PI that causes a great deal of distress for the children.

A bi-polar mother with bipolar-PI can have a difficult time working with her children and coping with the myriad of emotions that are a part of having a child. Unfortunately, the consequences of these difficulties are much greater than the initial diagnosis. The diagnosed bi-polar mother faces greater challenges in coping with everyday life, because she is oftentimes unable to accept help or take advantage of the help that is offered. A child of a bipolar-PI parent is likely to experience difficulty fitting in socially, because they may perceive their parent as being too moody.

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