Creativity and Feminism

Creativity in personal development relates to personal growth, development and change. Creativity blends the acquired knowledge and expertise abroad. Thus a unique person is born. Creativity gives everybody the chance to attain a creative type of existence.

  • But what about working life and what happens to the creative person when he/she moves out of the professional arena?
  • Does creativity necessarily make life less interesting and fun?

The answer to that is no.

Personal Development

Creativity in personal development is useful because it helps the creative individual to overcome obstacles to establish a successful working life that gives him/her enough time, resources and confidence to pursue his/her trade or profession.

There are many factors that determine whether creativity can help you attain your goals in personal development. A good creativity process helps to gain knowledge through different means, be it books, seminars, workshops or seminars that focus on hands-on application of the knowledge. Most importantly, it helps to analyze the acquired knowledge and find relevant external information. Creativity nurtures the intellectual curiosity that seeks for the answer to all questions in the outside world. 

The Most Important Aspect of Creativity

Creativity in personal development is not always easy and requires persistence. It is usually cultivated by working on your problems creatively rather than pursuing an answer from inside. For instance, in a workshop on creativity, one could ask a question like ‘What is the difference between a business card and a resume’. The facilitator would provide the correct definition while listening to another person’s opinion. The most important aspect of creativity is the ability to use any information available to draw relevant external information to solve problems.

  • When one is working on issues related to creativity, the initial step is to understand the concept of creativity itself.
  • Creativity is a means of generating innovative answers and solutions that give rise to new innovative ideas and concepts.
  • This is why, in the field of personal development, it is considered one of the important aspects of a person’s personal growth.
  • However, one needs to be aware of the fact that creativity is subjective and it varies from one person to another.

Therefore, the concepts and methods that have been associated with creativity for decades may not give the same results to different individuals.

Creative Thinking

One major factor that is often ignored in determining creative thinking is the sex-based differences among human beings. The assumption is that all human beings are equal in terms of intelligence and psychology. But this belief has been challenged by substantial research in human science and psychology over the past few years. Some researchers have argued that some species of human are better equipped to solve problems than other ones. Similarly, the results of several studies conducted on creativity show that males and females have different patterns of brain functioning.

Social and Cultural Factors

Several factors including social and cultural norms and biological makeup are cited as the causes of these discrepancies. According to new studies, there is a strong genetic component in the development of creativity in humans. However, this conclusion can’t be generalized to the entire species. Moreover, even if the evolution of gender roles in homo sapiens was influenced by the influence of the trans-genic virus, which promotes the spread of the transgendered (genders) in humans, it does not account for the existence of such gender-role evolution in other species apart from the homo sapiens.


Transgendered individuals do exist, although they cannot be considered as mentally or emotionally evolved since their physical bodies change drastically. In addition, biological changes do occur between the time of birth and the time of puberty. If you are a female and wish to become a man, you do have a possibility to cross over the masculine spectrum. If you want to understand how creativity affects your personal growth, indulge yourself in some feminist thinking and read about the existence of both transgendered males and females in the science news continuum.

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