The Novel coronavirus spreads faster than scientists had thought, and they are constantly trying to find out what elements are contributing to its spread. As per the researchers, the death toll of coronavirus cases is between 5 to 40 out of 1000, but the correct estimation is 9 out of 1000 which makes up about 1%. By UK Minister Sen. Ben Cardin said on Sunday that the best estimate is that the death toll from the Corona virus is two percent or less but depends on many other factors, including the patient’s age and general health and the health services available to them. Some people are more likely to die after suffering this outbreak for example, the elderly, unhealthy people and perhaps the male. In the largest survey ever conducted on 44,000 patients in China, the mortality rate in older people was ten times higher than that of middle-aged people.

On the other hand, some new signs of the corona virus have also emerged, and in the light of the new investigation, the deadly disease is also linked to the human blood group. Medical experts have also said that the loss of smelling sense may be a sign of coronavirus disease, This claim has been revealed in a UK study, Royal College of Surgeons of England research says deprivation of smell is already linked to Viruses because 40% of such cases are reported due to C.C.Viral infection.

According to research, the increase in data on COVID-19 patients in several countries provide a solid indication that most patients may face the loss of smelling sense during the disease. In fact, most of the time, this may be the first symptom to appear and It is still said that fever is the first and most casual symptom. They further reported that such deprivation of sensing tastes was also observed in such persons with the deprivation of smelling sense. in them, No other symptoms were seen but the COVID-19 was diagnosed. Researchers have also said that hearing loss should also be made part of a list of symptoms of NICE training as problems may occur without other symptoms of the respiratory system appearing. Studies have reported that such cases were reported in Iran, USA, France, and northern Italy.

Researchers say that a few days ago, they tested four patients younger than forty years, who showed no other symptoms but lost of sensation. They further said, we think these patients are silently causing the virus to spread. Earlier, the doctor at the Bunyur City Hospital in Germany recently interviewed more than 100 patients, in which they discovered that nearly 70% had lost sensation a few days ago. Speaking to the German website, researchers said that the problem was so much that One mother did not smell her baby’s diaper Others failed to smell the shampoo While the taste of the meal is gone.

Doctors do not know when this problem occurred in patients but they suspect that the symptoms are seen in most people with the infection. British research says If suddenly people lose their senses of smell or taste and do not see any other sign, then this person should isolate him / her self for 7 days so Other people could save their self from this disease. The virus, which began in Wuhan city of China last year, has spread around the world. More than 0.5 million people have been affected and more than 25,000 have been killed.

Now scientists claim that an individual’s blood group could potentially affect the increase or decrease in COVID-19 risk, during this research Blood samples of 2200 of COVID-19 patients and millions of healthy people were analyzed in China. Scientists have discovered that individuals in the A blood group and the A + blood group have a higher risk of developing a COVID-19.

However, the risk is significantly reduced by the owners of the O+ blood group. And is probably the result of antibodies in the blood, but further research is needed to investigate this. Researchers further said the difference in the risk of blood groups and COVID-19 is probably the result of blood borne antibodies However, further research is needed to investigate this.

The potential impact of different blood groups on COVID-19 risk may be important for clinicians treating patients, but A+ blood group individuals may need strong personal protection so they can reduce the chance of infection. Researchers also say such people may need the supervision and treatment of medical specialists. While identifying a patient’s blood group can be potentially helpful in treating a COVID-19 and other Coronavirus infection.

This research was conducted on a limited scale and did not explain the results, Other medical experts say the research may be helpful to clinicians, but ordinary citizens should not take statistics seriously. they said if you have blood group A, no need to worry, the results do not mean you can be 100% prone to the disease and if you have a blood group, it does not mean you are safe. You need to wash hands anyway and other precautions need to be followed.

The drug has become rare in the chloroquine market following US President Trump’s statement regarding the use of chloroquine pills to treat the Corona virus, Chloroquine is used to treat malaria. News from the US state of Arizona reveals that a man who consumed chloroquine in order to avoid corona was killed when his wife’s condition became very serious.

US resident Arizona couple after hearing reports of the outbreak of the Corona virus they followed Trump’s statement, but their condition got worst after consumption Chloroquine Pills. According to a report by CNBC, the wife of dead husband said the couple decided to eat chloroquine when they were on TV at a press conference with US President Donald Trump. Where they told that they have found evidence of the effect of chloroquine on the coronavirus and now they will be experimenting with medicine.

The report states that the couple, who ate chloroquine after hearing the US President’s press conference, were over 60 and had severe residues for the Corona virus, so they took protective measures and consume it, The woman, who was hospitalized in a critical condition after eating chloroquine, told CNBC that her husband had brought the medicine and that he drank it in water and it started showing adverse effects in a very short time.

The woman said that her and her husband’s body got high temperature after consumption of chloroquine, and within the next 20 minutes they started vomiting while her husband had a severe breathing problem, after which he called on the emergency number for help, Rescuers arrived at the scene after receiving the phone, but by the time the couple was hospitalized, the chloroquine eater was dead and his wife has been treated in critical condition, the report said. Report from Florida came one day before to all of this that an American man has claimed that he has cured his life by having Chloroquine.

New York Post reported on March 23, the American man claimed that he had been infected with the Corona virus and his condition was “very worrisome” but after hearing press conference by US President Donald Trump he shocked when he consumed Chloroquine which also benefited him. In addition, news from other countries, including the United States, about the excessive use of chloroquine by people and the drug users are getting worse.

According to the US Broadcasting CNN, three people in the African country of Nigeria have also had their condition worsened after the use of chloroquine, after which the government issued special instructions regarding the drug usage. After the press conference of US President Donald Trump’s, the demand for medicines was increasing not only in the United States and Africa but also in Asia and Europe. Many people in the world are using chloroquine, knowing that they will not become infected with the Corona virus after eating it. Even if they become infected, they will be able to recover from it

Allow us to pray that GOD preserve the world from the plague of the Coronavirus. Soon we will meet in new video till than take your too much Care.