3 Ways to Take Control of Your Classroom…

Are you frustrated with trying to deal with all of the diverse behavior issues that come into your classroom? Here are three tips to improve student behavior without hurting teacher/student relationships.

1. Shake Their Hands

Invest in hand sanitizer and shake their hands. What better way to start off a student’s day than to give them a firm handshake, look them in the eyes, and say good morning. Not only will this establish a connection between you and the student, but it will also help them learn this skill that they will use in the “real world” eventually as they are starting their careers.

2. Tell Them Something Inspirational

For real, let them know that THEY are the reason you come to work. I don’t know any teachers that go to work every day because of state standards, and they’re certainly not doing it for the money. Tell your students every day just exactly how much they mean to you. Relationships are the key to effective classroom management.

3. Establish a Consistent System

Before the school year even starts, you should have a solid idea of how your classroom behavior is going to be controlled. Whether it’s a point system, behavior chart, or pulling cards, have a clear explanation ready for your students so they have a heads up the first week of school. For most students, every year is full of totally different expectations. Be clear and upfront about what you want from them.

Relationships and consistency are key. Your students deserve it and it will make your school year go a lot smoother!

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