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Know The Roar
Hey folks! Raise your hand if you have ever shouted at someone. The problem is shouting never feels good for anyone.
You Are The Jury – Author Of To Kill A Mockingbird Files Two Lawsuits
In 2006 in a missive with Oprah Winfrey, Harper Lee wrote that she was not a fan of digital technology. Lean more about article.
Grand Union Flag
The flag was first flown on December 2, 1775, by John Paul Jones (then a Continental Navy lieutenant on the ship Alfred in Philadelphia).
Example, The Change In Little Steps
Almost everyone know how an example works in order to provide the wanted effect, but few of us really understand the responsibility.
Questions my Grandkids asked me: Why do birds spread their wings when they stand?
Birds are amazing to watch and we have often seen the Cormorants in East London standing with their wings open and presumed that what they were doing was drying them.
Science and Music
There are people who like pop music, those who like rock music, dance, classical or even a little of everything but, let’s face it, most people love music in some form or another. How many, however, know what music actually is.
Recipes and Copyright
It got me wondering if recipes were copyright, so I did some research and this is what I found: lists and Ingredients aren’t copyright but description, explanation or illustration are.
E.C.H.S–ingenious Or Impractical?
Research shows that there are significant positive impacts on high school graduation rates and postsecondary enrollment rates.
Does Your Life Reflect Your Values? What Your Actions Say About You
This is a guide for you to think about making your actions morally consistent with your values, to know that you are reflecting.
Country Facts For Kids: Antigua And Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda is a country located in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the continent of North America.
Personal and Private Issues
We sometimes forget what questions we should not ask that is personal information that someone just might not want to share with anyone. This sometimes this varies by the individual.
Mythbuster Hub Challenges
I just wandered into the forums and found a thread on “Alphabet Challenge.” This is a hub challenge with 26 hubs in 26 days with each hub topic corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.
Modern Research on the Speed at Which the Universe Expands
According to the principles of modern physics, our universe must be “all-encompassing”, because after the great explosion of the Big Bang fourteen billion years ago, it must be smooth and uniform
5 Things I Learned From Enrolling 1 Course A Day
I’ll tell you if a course is worth taking and also give you tips on how to choose the right course for you.
How to Keep Your Kids Safe in School During the Coronavirus Pandemic
With COVID-19 infections spiking in many states, parents of school-age children are rightly concerned about school re-openings in the fall.
Learn About Stonehenge and the Neolithic Age for Kids
People didn’t always live in towns and cities. They didn’t even live in houses. They didn’t farm or stay in one place for very long.
International Relations 1919-1939
On the 11th November 1918, Germany signed the armistice, surrendering from World War I, signalling the end of a four year bloody war that had claimed the lives of millions of Europeans, on a scale unparalleled up to that point in history.
In Search of Irish Gold: Evidence of Gold in Irish Place Names
It is believed by some, that Ireland could potentially hold more gold than the rest of the British Isles combined. Both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland could hold a large, unknown quantity of this most precious of resources.
Developing a Course of Study
A course of study is a vital guide to instruction in a vocational-technical program. You are not likely to see it lying on an instructor’s desk, you will not find it displayed on a bulletin board.
6 Reasons to Learn Swedish That May Inspire You
Learning another language is fun and rewarding. But learning a language takes time, effort, dedication, and patience.
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