Does Your Life Reflect Your Values?

When it comes to reflecting your values, it can be easy to get caught up in the act of living life. How you spend your days, who you talk to and what you do in your spare time all reflect upon your values. Unfortunately too many of us sit idly by, watching life pass us by without giving it much attention. We are so busy enjoying the little bits of life we have in our lives that we often lose sight of what is really important.

The things that make up a good life are not necessarily those things that bring us pleasure or make us feel good. The things that lead to happiness are not those that make us feel guilty or that make us wonder whether we are being true to ourselves. Good values are not something that we aspire to but rather they are a way of life. And in knowing your values you will be able to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Your values are truly your guide to happiness.

They show you the direction in which you should go and help you avoid the wilderness. A life of inconsistency, crisis, anxiety and unhappiness is not one that anyone would wish for. A life of self-sabotage and mediocrity is a life that no one should wish for. So, it becomes painfully clear that your values have to be right and your happiness has to be real.

But does your life reflect your values?

If it does then you are on the road to happiness. Happiness is a happy state of being. What your values are will determine how happy you are and how rich you can be. The more you know about your own values and beliefs the easier it becomes to be aware of what is important in your life and what you need to do to improve it.

A life devoted to happiness and contentment is a happy one.

A state of harmony and balance is achieved when all the aspects of your life come together and compliment each other. You can use your values as a guideline or a map to direct your steps toward your ultimate goals. When you realize the importance of values and how they influence and enhance the quality of your life, you can make informed decisions about how to structure your life so that you are most successful.

How does your life reflect your values?

To find out if your life reflects your values, spend some time reflecting on your family and friends. Ask them what they consider to be the most important things in their lives. When you hear what the most important things are in other people’s lives, chances are they are also the things that you value and want in your life.

  • It’s important to remember, however, that your own values and your happiness – or lack thereof – do not have to be in alignment.
  • Do not believe that your values are your entire basis for happiness.
  • Happiness is relative.
  • Your happiness depends upon other things in your life as well.
  • Your values and your happiness are two separate things.

Your beliefs about yourself and your value system are central to your happiness and your sense of self worth. Your values may be based on what you learned growing up, your values may be those you discovered later in life or they may be a result of your experiences with people. In any case, your happiness will depend on the way you feel about yourself and about life in general. Your values and your happiness will complement each other and are mutually complementary.

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