Mythbuster Hub: Get to See What Mythologists Learn

The Mythbuster Hub is one of those famous TV shows that endear people to a show. It features Tom Hanks as a call center agent who answers phones in New York, Colorado and Minnesota. Instead of being on the air in the reality TV genre, he appears in an entirely different form as a professional video jockey for Mythbuster. He teams up with fellow Mythbuster member caller Christian Audigier to test the validity of certain claims made by the paranormal community. 

There are two ways to view the Mythbuster Hub. First, you can view it as an interesting behind the scenes look at how the video crew works. Second, you can view it as an entertaining watch where the hosts tease and ridicule the ideas that are brought forth. To some, this may seem like a waste of time but to those in the paranormal community, it is very important. For those who believe in voodoo and other similar practices, there are certain claims that cannot be ignored.

Mythbuster Hub

There is a new trend on Mythbuster Hub called the “Myth Busters.” These are actual teams of real people who do the research and testing for Mythbuster shows. They often review similar situations from the past and help to weed out the myths from the facts. They are joined by other members from the Mythbuster community, which makes for a great interactive experience. This is the ideal way to see what exactly goes on at Mythbuster.

If you are a skeptic about voodoo or other strange practices, you can join the Mythbuster video team. You will work alongside Christian and Tom Hanks as they each bring a new myth to light. When the Mythbuster team hits the air, you will have a wide range of ideas to consider. Some of them will likely make you laugh while others may make you feel skeptical. But, when you are part of the Mythbuster video team, you have an opportunity to make things happen.

The Opportunities to Become a Mythbuster Yourself

There are also opportunities to become a Mythbuster yourself. When the Mythbuster team releases a video, it can be viewed on YouTube and you can receive hundreds of visitors. You can also gain access to special behind-the-scenes information, interviewees and sneak peeks at upcoming episodes.

  • When the Mythbuster videos go viral, they generate lots of publicity for both the Mythbuster team and the website.
  • The website gets new visitors, advertisers take notice, and everyone in the community has something new to read and learn.
  • The more viral the Mythbuster videos become, the better.
  • For Mythbuster Hub alone, we have seen increases in traffic, page views of specific videos.

If you like to write or have written articles, you can use your writing skills to lend a hand in the World Wide Web. Upload your articles to the Mythbuster Hub article directory. We publish original content written by our members. You can also contribute to other blogs and discussion forums. This all helps to build an impressive resume for you.

Get Involved With Filming Video 

If you’re interested in getting involved with filming video testimonial scenes, contact us. We’ll be happy to set you up. If you’d rather not have your face shown on camera, that’s fine too. It all depends on your personal beliefs and convictions. We wish you the best in your endeavors and look forward to hearing from you.

Are you interested in helping the Mythbuster team solve problems? There are two ways you can help. You can assist with their recording tapes by cutting them or passing them out to the various departments. If you want to volunteer your services, there’s a place to do that as well. We call it the “Mythbuster Volunteer Registry.”

Digital Video Archives

Want to see all the latest video releases? The Mythbuster Hub is updated daily with new videos. Go to our site now. Our digital video archives are a great way to find your favorite video. You can also view all the videos we’ve already posted in order of popularity.

To get in on the action, you don’t have to spend big bucks. There are many cost-free video sharing sites online that provide excellent quality video at no cost. Check them out! The Mythbuster Hub has been featured in some of the most popular online news publications including “The New York Times,” CNN,” “USA Today” and more. The hub receives over 100 million web views per month, so you know it’s getting the attention it deserves!

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