In modern education system, learners are expected to possess an extreme level of understanding and initiative in learning process, we cannot deny the fact that the steps in having this type of students is being shouldered to the teachers. Thus, the use of different method of teaching is a substantial key to effectively teach the learners.

Reporting method is the process used to communicate knowledge and imparting them to the students. The purpose of reporting is to provide relevant information about lessons and reciprocating the knowledge to the minds of every learners. As a teacher, I can say that reporting method is an essential way of learning process because a connection to students will be built upon the process of learning and lastly; it is a way to effectively share knowledge as reporting method also provides a variety of skill and learning that every teacher and student can apply in life.

Reporting method allows a connection between the teacher and the student allowing great understanding to occur. This way of teaching is useful for all kinds of students as those silent students who take the outside composition in the class and learners with attention deficit will be given attention. In addition,this way of teaching will concede every student’s learning and understanding as teachers can impart knowledge in a one on one way to the students.

Reporting method can also provide a variety of learnings and skills to students that they can imply in real life situations. As a teacher, I can really say that reporting method can boosts one’s confidence as it provide a wider perspective of teaching and learning. Aside from that, reporting method is a great way to share knowledge allowing a class to participate with the teacher and allowing teacher to relate to the students. I believe that with the kind of perspective that reporting method can give, an essential learning will exist.

School has to be the place where students learn how to learn and this mantra is being anchored to the teachers. Applying reporting method in the process of learning greatly improve level of understanding as it allows a connection between the students and the the teacher and most importantly is that this method allows a wider perspective about the discussion. As a teacher, I firmly believe that allowing this method of teaching as part of learning process is a key to unlock the rich minds of every learners.