The Use of an Example in Working Alone

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that it is not always easy to change things. That is why sometimes it takes a change in little steps to accomplish what would seem like an easy thing to do. An example of this comes when we have clients who need to make changes to their websites.

Simple Task

This would normally be a fairly simple task. You would simply write up a couple of pages, put in a few videos or images, and that would be it. Of course, the more information you can add the better, so this would be a constant change in the website.

However, clients keep changing their minds. They may decide that they want to add photos to the website, for example. Or they may want to add a video to the end of the page. Now this would need to be broken down into several smaller steps. You could spend days trying to get it all in order to make the final product, and this would not help your overall conversion rate.

Little Steps

So instead of just having someone change the website from one page to another, they would need to be given an example of the change in little steps that they would need to make. This is a way to visualize the work that needs to be done, as well as to remind the person of the steps that need to be taken. If they get visualized, they are less likely to forget or misunderstand what needs to be done. Also, by showing them the example, it makes them feel like it is actually something that they can accomplish.

Another Example

Another example of giving someone an example of the change in little steps is when they are working on a problem at work. At first, they may not understand exactly what is happening, but by seeing an example in front of them, they can better understand what needs to be done. A way to do this is to show them a presentation of a real life problem, then explain how they would go about solving it the best way possible. By doing this, the person will not be confused as to what is happening, but they will understand how they will be solving the problem in the future.

Learning Something New

An example of the use of an example in working alone can also be used when learning something new. Perhaps you have just completed reading a book. Instead of reading the entire book, read just part one, and then read the whole thing again. This will make you much more aware of the information that you are trying to remember. However, if you try to remember everything that you saw in the book, you might forget some of the details. In this case, an example of the change in information can help you out.

Remember Everything That You Have Read

The example can even be placed in your daily work, so that it is easier for you to remember everything that you have read.

  • This can be a great way for you to get your brain to start working in an organized fashion.
  • If you have a list, each day you can write a new step in the order that you want it to go.
  • This can help you keep your life in order as well. 

Using an example in working alone is a wonderful way for you to remember everything that you have read. It helps you to clarify things, as well as to keep your mind working. This can be a wonderful change to make in your life. If you are struggling with anything, the example in your head can be a tremendous tool to help you figure it out.

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