Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder

“What can I do to prevent squirrels from getting at my bird feeder?” This is one question most bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts ask when they have to relocate bird feeders elsewhere. Squirrels are highly intelligent and ambitious mammals that are capable of maneuvering through any type of space-especially ones’ narrow bird feeders and climbing up to birdhouses and other perches. But what can you do to prevent them from doing this? Here are some ideas.

Bird Feeder

How Can I DIY a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder? – DIY your own Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

Spinner bird feeders, enclosed bird feeders, and hanging bird feeders are effective ways to deter squirrels from using them as their personal playgrounds. Each of these methods involves physically removing the openings on the side of the feeder. The most effective way to do this is with perches, but even without these perches you can greatly reduce the amount of opportunities for squirrels to enter and make themselves comfortable.

Bird Feeder Moleculecule Perimeter

How Can I Make My Bird Feeder Moleculecule Perimeter? – A Perimeter is a thick, strong frame, usually comprised of pvc pipe, that surrounds a window or door and prevents access by larger animals. Using a strong pvc pipe and strong nylon materials along with a perimeter ring, you can create a very strong deterrent for squirrels to use your bird feeder. The pvc pipe acts as an intermediate stop between the perimeter ring and the open side of the bird feeder pole. This allows you to quickly reposition the perimeter after you have installed the pole and then remove it once the squirrels have vacated.

Squirrel Control Baffle

How Can I Install a Squirrel Control Baffle? – Installing a squirrel baffle on the outside of your bird feeder pole is one of the best ways to keep squirrels away from your feeding area.

Squirrels have learned over time that while they can easily gain access into bird feeders via the openings on the sides, they can be quite difficult to seal when they have finally got in. A baffle placed on the outside of the pole will catch the squirrels’ attempts to latch onto the bird feeder and close the gap by sticking its head through the opening.

Rid of Schaustrums

How Can I Get Rid of Schaustrums? – Squirrels love to eat seeds, so the more seed they can find, the better. To keep the seeds from scattering into the air and attracting even more birds to your bird feeder, make sure that your feeder channels the air through a squirrel baffle. If the feeder is positioned so that it hangs over a cleat or other flat surface, make sure that you get your seed bags or boxes in before the next morning and put them on top of the feeder as it goes through the night. Squirrels are smart enough to know that when they wake up, they’ll find their food.

Purpose of a Squirrel Baffle System

What Is the Purpose of a Squirrel Baffle System? – The purpose of a squirrel baffle system is not to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder, but to keep birds from getting stuck on the poles. Unlike hanging bird feeders, which offer almost no protection to birds, installing a baffle system will close the gaps on the outside of the pole where the squirrels can latch onto it and cause damage. In most cases, it’s better to install the baffle system during the winter months, because this is when most birds are active and when the poles are weaker from winter weather. For long-term protection, it may be necessary to hang your bird feeder from a live or dead stick.

Protect Seeds

Protect Seeds – Birds need to eat, so if a squirrel uses the bird feeder forage to collect seeds, they can seriously impact your garden. A squirrel that feeds on seed will often leave droppings on nearby plants or even on human gardens, ruining them. These seeds can also be carried into local parks and recreation areas, and into neighborhoods. To reduce the impact of squirrels on your garden, consider putting out food for these creatures each day, and using deterrents, such as peanuts, to keep them from using your flower beds and vegetable crops.

Keep Squirrels Away From Your Bird Feeder and Your Garden

How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Bird Feeder and Your Garden – Squirrels don’t usually like having things in their habitat, including bird seed. However, if you do provide this source of food, it’s essential that you provide a squirrel proof bird feeder so that your birds and seed are keeping safe. By following these tips, you will have a healthier and happier environment for your squirrels. You may even find that by providing the right types of food and attracting many squirrels that you actually end up with more birds than usual!

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