Legends With Silver and Magic Bullets (Movie Review)

It’s easy to forget the olden days of classic cinema when discussing Legends With Silver And Magic Bullets. Yes, it’s a modern-day movie, but the subject matter and style are so familiar we can feel right at home. There’s plenty of gun action and gun fights, all done with wacky special effects. There’s even a good old fashion shoot out at the office between a group of cops and the evil boss of the local drug ring. If you like that sort of thing then this is a film that’s going to get right to your heart. If not, then keep moving, because the second half of this movie is going to kill you.


Paul Verhoeven (Marty Hartley) is called upon by his old friend, FBI agent Bob Price (Kris Angel), to take down a Mexican drug lord who’s responsible for a string of murders. The only problem is Price isn’t much of a match for this tough guy. He’s more of a marksman than Price, and he’s about to learn that he may not be able to protect the boss from any trouble. That’s when Verhoeven makes his debut. But how does he pull off the trick that’ll make him a legend?

Well, first of all, let’s cover the basics of what makes this movie a classic. It has the best action sequences you’ll ever see in a movie, both in the movie itself and in the trailers that have been released leading up to the movie’s release. It has a fantastic story that keeps the audience captivated from start to finish. What also makes Legends With Silver And Magic Bullets a classic is the way the movie follows the story line, from the start to the end, almost as if the filmmakers knew exactly how long they wanted the film to go.

Great Film

But this isn’t the only reason why Legends With Silver And Magic Bullets is such a great film. It’s also filled with great characters, too. It’s one of the few movies that really showcases the talents of its supporting cast (which also includes some great actors). Robert Downey Jr. plays the lead role of Antony, a man with a unique, intense love for his family (including his daughter, played by Summer Glauberman).

However, Downey isn’t the only great actor involved here. The movie also features Summer Glauberman (asting her first career role), who plays the lead role of Kaylee, an FBI agent assigned to the investigation of the shooting of an airport. There are also two-time Golden Globe nominee Jeff Daniels (playing the role of Price) and two-time Oscar nominee Morgan Freeman (playing the role of Quincey Morris, another award winner).

  • But it’s not just the talent of these actors that make this film a classic.
  • There’s also the movie’s story, which is just as epic as the characters involved.
  • After all, how can you go through a film without experiencing one of the most famous scenes from one of the best books ever written?

In addition, there are many other memorable scenes as well. It’s no wonder that this film is one of the most popular movies of all time.

Fantastic Film

Legends With Silver and Magic Bullets is a fantastic film. But it’s also worth mentioning that it’s one of the rare films directed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Instead of trying to put together a bunch of characters into one film, director Guy Ritchie (who also co-writes and produces this with Greg Garcia) and writer Robert McKelk (who also did the screenplay) worked together to create something truly unique. The result is a film that has a lot going for it, but also a lot of its own flaws as well. This is an easy film to watch, but one that may leave some people wondering how they can top this gem!

The Legends With Silver and Magic Bullets

If you have never seen Legends With Silver and Magic Bullets, then you should definitely do so. This is one of the more underrated films in recent memory that has a lot going for it. In particular, both Robert McKelk and Robert De Luca do a wonderful job of creating powerful characters that we care about, while the film itself offers plenty of entertainment as well. There is even a song that plays throughout the film, which is fitting since it chronicles the journey of the main characters. If you enjoy short films, but also have an appreciation for quality movie characters, then Legends With Silver and Magic Bullets is something that you must see.

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