Phaeton and the Chariot of the Nile Review

Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun is a new video game that is one part board game, one part hidden object game. The storyline is very interesting and I really enjoyed it. The game takes place on the famous roads of Chartres, during the time period when King Arthur’s reign was ending and there was dissension in the kingdom. There were two sides to this war; the knights of the round table were battling against the foul soldiers of the pirates of the Medes.


As you are playing the game you will find that it is set in the year 11th century and the story is about King Arthur’s powerful Knights of the Round Table who are facing a deadly foe. There are many other characters such as Lancelot and Guinevere, who also join this fantastic game. It is set in a very interesting era, which gives you a wonderful view of history. This game is a great solution for all people from all ages as it is free and everyone can play it. You can also choose between the many challenging levels.

Entertainment Service Board

This game has received an eight rating by the ESRB. So it is well protected by the Entertainment Service Board. The graphics are very nice and it looks just like it is supposed to be. However, I did find that the characters move too slow and that they took a long time to load.

I really liked the sounds that were used in the game, they are crisp and smooth. Some of the levels are very difficult, which made me want to continue playing the game to get through them. The music is subtle yet pleasant.

Alternative View

The graphics are not perfect but it is not bad either. The menus take you through every stage of the game step by step, so it is easy to follow. The one annoying thing with it is that you can’t select the different weapons with the mouse because the game is text based. The alternative view allows you to aim at your enemies with the keyboard. That is about all you have to say about this game.

The difficulty of this game varies depending on how good you are at playing the keyboard. If you get stuck, there are a number of tips that are provided. These range from restarting the game to using the console command cheat codes.

Phaeton and the Chariot of the Gods

Most people are interested in this game because it is the PC version of the video game. There is even a version for the Nintendo Gamecube. The portability of the Phaeton and the Chariot of the Gods is one of the things that make this game so popular with people of all ages. You can play it anywhere there is an internet connection.

The music is just as hard as the game. Some people enjoy listening to it to relax while others play it while having a good time. The graphics and sound are both very good. There are many versions of this game available. The most recent is the PC game version. It has some great graphics.


It has taken a number of years for this game to reach the level of popularity that it has today. It was the PC game that started the console gaming craze. Some people are looking back to this game with nostalgia. Many people recall the first game when they were children. They are interested in replicating the experience.

  • One of the things that is unique about this game is the level of challenge that players are presented with.
  • The programmers put a lot of thought into the challenges.
  • They knew that most people were going to give up if they got stuck at a certain point.
  • Each level has its own set of obstacles.

The game is easy to play but it also provides enough complexity for people who do not know how to play the keyboard. Knowing how to use the controller is a must for those who want to finish the game. People who do not have problems with using the keyboard can continue playing the game with a few simple button changes. This is one game that does not get old, it just gets better with age.

Who Would Like to Purchase The Phaeton and the Chariot of the Nile

Many people are interested in Phaeton and the Chariot of the Nile. There are several games available online and most of them have good reviews. There is even an iPhone version that is completely free. Those who would like to purchase the iPhone version of the game should look to buy it from one of the many reputable sites that offer the product. It can be purchased from iTunes as an app, which is easy to do.

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