A student always wants to have high-performance abilities. To be a high performer/ you need to change the way your lifestyle currently is. Thinking of it is the start. That’s not all. You need to follow certain everyday methods.

Every high-performance student follows some smart strategies. The way they start the first few hours of a day sets the tune of their mind and body for the rest of the day.

They sketch their routine maintaining study time and also space for spending time with their family. Here are 10 key steps to be a high-performance student –

1. Wake up early.

There is a popular saying, “Win the morning, and win the day”. To be a high-performance student you need to perform a lot of activity throughout the day. Waking up early certainly provides an extended morning and a lot of time.

A prolonged morning lets you squeeze every single minute of it. It increases the amount of productivity.

Waking up early in the morning tunes your mind to be proactive, not reactive.

2. Make your Bed.

Making a bed may seem a small task for you. Some people even think making a bed is not a matter of concern. But the truth is making the bed has way more important than you think.

The first thing you should do after you wake up is to make a bed. Making the bed is your first step to self-discipline. You have accomplished the first task of your day. It will encourage you to do more. At the end of the day, this one task will end up in many tasks.

Looking at your bed clean and tidy will give you a vibe of maintaining cleanliness.

3. Keep your Guts Clean.

Your gastrointestinal tract i.e. your gut is your second brain. While you are going through an upset stomach you cannot focus on your studies. When you cannot focus, you tend to forget the important stuff. Certain symptoms irritate you like headaches, constant fatigue, etc do not let you do your studies with peace of mind.

You can prevent your guts from getting intoxicated. Avoid food with high sugar content. Eat your food a little slowly. Chew it completely then swallow. It helps incomplete digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Don’t eat food while you are in a hurry. Having a clean and strong gut will help you to have an intense focus on your studies.

5. Practice Meditation and Breathing Exercise.

Stress due to studies is a common difficulty among students now a day. Even many students suffer through long-term anxiety. It affects the mental health of a student. A certain change in emotion and behavior is noticeable. Gradually they lose their mindfulness which is a must to have in a student.

This is why students need to practice meditation and intense breathing daily. Meditation decreases stress levels and certainly, you start to feel relaxed.

It controls anxiety which again helps you to have a soundless and intense sleep. Your focus on studies starts to increase. It increases positivity and optimism in you.

6. Set Daily Goals.

A day of a student should start with certain goals. Where there is no goal there is no urge to study. Create short goals, which you can achieve. Create at least 3-4 tasks daily.

Creating goals helps to have a mindset to achieve them. Achieving goals will boost your momentum in achieving large goals.

It creates a thought process that helps in breaking down large goals into small goals. This makes a smooth road-map for achieving large goals.

7. Do Daily Journals.

Daily journal is very necessary as it helps to review your all-day activity. It is a track record to calculate the amount of time you study and perform other activities. It is a record of the small goals you completed to achieve a large goal.

Write your goals. At the end of the day, take note of the number of goals you achieving daily. Calculate it with the number of goals you used to complete before taking journals. Measure your improvements.

Keep yourself motivated with the result you achieved.

8. Sleep Early.

Many students choose to study at night. They think studying at night will help as there is less noise. We are humans and we sleep at night. This is a natural phenomenon.

It is better not to study at night. When a student studies at night, it creates an unusual pressure in the brain. It also affects the whole digestive system. The ability of our brain to store data decreases at night.

Sleep early and wake up. A student should take a proper sleep of a minimum of eight hours. It keeps your brain and minds healthy. It keeps your stomach well. There is less noise in the early morning. This is why every student should sleep early instead of studying at night.


Parents want their child to be the best student in their class but no one teaches how to do be the best. Parents and educators try hard to inspire students with words. Words are not enough. Instead of words show them the correct path of being the best.

We created an environment, where average students are feared of studies. Whenever they get a chance they choose not to study. They find other stuff to be more interesting than study. We need to clear the fear and make the study more attractive.

The lifestyle of an average student is unsuitable for high performance. Adopting proper habits in daily life can bring a drastic change in a student. It will create a focus on studies and building self-discipline.