Enjoy Every Moment

Fall is my favorite time of year! In the Spring, we say Spring has sprung. In the Fall, we say Fall has fallen. Fall has landed in the Texas Hill Country. No longer can we say it is coming, but it has ARRIVED!

The air is crisp and cool in the mornings and the afternoons are tolerable.This is truly a big change from the summer month temperatures normally found in our area, August was the hottest month for us here in Texas. August is long gone and we are enjoying the month of October with all of the seasonal blessings.

Signs of Fall

Driving through neighborhoods is so much fun during this season. Many yards are decorated for fall with seasonal flowers and ornate carved pumpkins on display. Early in October, there are often sightings of Halloween decorations. With the cooler temperatures and rains, the flowers bloom well and are very colorful.

Local Fields

With our current drought, August displayed grass which had dried into a crusty brown because of the lack of rain and hundred degree days. This summer produced little rain and our fields and wild areas have been extremely dry. Because of recent cold fronts passing through the area, and several inches of rain, the grasses are becoming green again. Fall tree colors often make their introduction in October. These flowers accentuate the terrain and add interest to residential flower beds and along the sides of local roads. It appears that we are lacking in color in 2013! It is the middle of October and no color change is evident!


It’s October and there is no sign of Fall color yet in this area. Despite a couple of good cold fronts, most of the leaves are still on the trees. We are expecting some yellow golden colors to emerge soon! It is still early for the brightest colors of Fall. After two hard years of drought, I wonder how colorful the trees will be this year! The surplus of October rain gives me hope for a spark of color in late November!

Time To Enjoy

With each front, the local temperatures have dipped into the fifties with a slight nip in the air! We have had great sleeping weather with gray cloudy days and cool nights! Are you taking time to enjoy this perfect weather? Have you spent some time outdoors breathing in the fresh crisp air?

Ah, now is the time to enjoy that cup of tea on a cool morning, get out the baking pans, or make a Homemade soup. It is time to take the winter clothes out of storage and replace the summer wardrobe. It is time to trade the sandals for shoes. We are in transition. Winter is coming.

Notice the changing sun! In the Fall, the angle of the sun changes. Notice the sun shining on the trees. As they change, the trees seem more transparent. The glow of the sun creates a Fall atmosphere that is evident in the world around us. Don’t miss it! Enjoy your Fall!