Why do people Shout?

Hey folks! Raise your hand if you have ever shouted at someone. The problem is shouting never feels good for anyone. When was the last time you felt better after someone shout at you or you shouted at them?

The research suggests that shouting at someone can be just as harmful as hitting them.
Shouting, in the right context, is a clear indication of anger. For some, it may feel like the only mode of expression that will get a heated point across. For others, it is stressful, frightening, and destructive.

What is Shouting?

According to Google – Utter a loud cry typically as an expression of “STRONG EMOTION”.

Shouting is basically yelling with a volume level that is not appropriate for a situation by any aspect.
Shouting at someone can also be called as”VERBAL ABUSE”.

What are the causes?

The causes can be, if someone is in pain or discomfort or insecurities or in depression.

The main reasons people’s tirades are traumatizing, like:

  • The loud volume
  • The shrill tone
  • That dead look
  • The disdainful or snorful facial expressions
  • The long duration, sometimes
  • The names and the insults
  • Lastly, the abandonment

Effects of shouting:

Let us read and understand about effects which are direct and indirect:

  • Can make behaviour problems get worse
  • Can change the way you or they think
  • Can lead to depression
  • Can effect on physical health
  • Can cause chronic pain
  • Can effect relationships
  • Can change the perspective

What happens to your body when you shout?

A study says that a person shouts when he or she is angry. Anger is often seen as a disease. According to a study the shouting in anger can lead to elevated blood levels which explain the higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. The studies have shown that people with anger or depressive personalities run a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

And it can also affect our brain which leads to our adrenal gland secreting stress hormones causing increase in blood sugar, suppress immune system, increase in blood flow in skeletal muscles, and also increases restlessness and anxiety.

How do you feel when you shout at someone?

Most of the times we feel good / relaxed after shouting or we regret later or sometimes we tie up with a grudge.
Grudge is something that can spoil human mental and physical health.

Why a person should stop shouting?

Shouting doesn’t make you look authoritative. As the above point explained that the actual causes you can feel and face when you fall in such circumstances. The shouting incidents tend to make a person with lower self esteem and higher rates of depression. It can increased levels of anxiety, stress and depression along with behavioral problems, which can further cause more problems.

How to “STOP” and Get a better life:

  • Realise shouting is just not effective way.
  • Instead of shouting say stop it immediately.
  • Figure out what is causing the behaviour.
  • Breathe deep inhale, exhale and repeat until you feel better.
  • Lower your expectations and stop assumptions.
  • Understand you are not perfect.

Always remember think before you speak taking a few moments to consider what you want to say can help you evaluate your reactions and communicate more calmly. To improve:

  • Set rules for yourself.
  • Learn to spot anger cues.
  • Address issues immediately instead of letting them pile-up.
  • Do relaxation techniques regularly.
  • Practice self care to reduce stress levels.
  • Talk to someone close.
  • Try to spend more time with nature.
  • Try to understand the importance of your life and relationships.

The prime bases of an individual is being on platform of understanding followed by adjustment and acceptance of any fault situation of calamity etc. So start self caring in order to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Self care isnt selfish, it’s revolutionary. A good self care is key to improve mood and reduce anxiety.