A Pleasant Experience

My granddaughter decided to spend her summer with us, so I decided to make sure her stay would be an unforgettable one. I, always, make sure she has a fun experience in Virginia. When friends and family drop by, we make sure that they are treated with the best care and respect. Having this in mind, I decided to take my wife and granddaughter to the Virginia Military Aviation museum. Being a war history fan, this was a treat for me and my family.

First, the trip took us about 1/2 hr from my home. It is out in the country and if you do not have a good GPS, you can pass right by it. As you turn into a side road, you will drive for about a couple of minutes and there it is. From the outside, it does not look like much but upon entering the place, you see a vast and rich array of historical items from World War I and II. The fee is very affordable with a friendly volunteer staff second to none. As you enter the place, you will see cars, war machines and military items of past times.

More Thrills

As you walk around, you will be amazed at what you see. The inside view is one for the books. Classy and well organized. One of my first view on my right was the two wax figures of Echoes of Time Display. Displaying classic aviation clothes, this was impressive and lifelike. As you enter in, you will see all sorts of items. Cars, war equipment, past military uniforms and other items of history are waiting for the public with a vast wealth of information.

Afterwards, you can stop to take a coffee or snack break and enjoy the nice atmosphere. When you finish with your break, you will see sections of the building with some special compartments with more items to see from different branches of the military. The Army as well as the Navy had nice planes and equipment from the past. Did you know that some cars were invented that would actually float? It is amazing what kinds of inventions they had back then.

As we were looking around, a friendly staff member struck up a conversation with us and informed us about a free tour guide. I felt blessed. As a war history fan, I was delighted to see that they had an extra bonus for the public.I was excited and looking forward to our guided tour. Afterwards, we went upstairs to see a section on woman aviators. When we finished, we went downstairs and waited for the tour.

Rain and the Tour

When it was time for the tour, Bob Sage introduced himself and gave us some bad news—-It was pouring rain outside. So, we waited for a while, having noticed that it was a passing cloud. When the rain stopped, we walked to the three hangers. One was where the antique war planes were being worked on. Believe it or not, they fly these planes in the air and from time to time, they have airshows with music. Afterwards, we saw another hanger in which it was reconstructed from Germany. This was a German hanger and inside, you can see swastikas and flags from Germany. The Germans were well developed in their war machines and it shows as you walk around, marveling at their technology from time past. Finally, we went to a world war I hanger. There was more amazing aircraft of that time. I have enclosed more pictures and a video.

Final Thoughts

Here are my reasons why you take your family to visit this historical landmark, even if you are not a war history fan.—-

  • You can appreciate the technology from years past;
  • It makes war history a life like experience;
  • Courteous and knowledge staff;
  • A relaxing atmosphere;
  • Provides useful historical information.

So, there you have my thoughts. Hope that you enjoy the pictures and videos. Consider dropping by, You will be glad you did.