Never too early to learn

Some parents may beg to differ, but psychologists claimed that it is never too early to teach your toddler the alphabets that can actually help him to recognize the alphabets and learn to talk at an early age.

Parents are encouraged to read to their kids with colorful alphabet books but using flash card is a much quicker way to have fun, encourages toddlers to involve themselves in an interactive way rather than plain reading books.

It has been proven that flashcard had been used by kindergarten teachers, psychiatrist and parents to help toddlers and young kids to read the alphabets, distinguish capital letters and small letters and able to answer which alphabets that links to the shown objects.

Always Encourage your child

My toddler loved to play these handmade alphabets flashcard than his other toys. He likes to “Show off” his knowledge by interacting with family members and received lots of praises.

Once, I remembered that he took his favorite ball, walked to the flashcards, pushed away some of the alphabets before he picked up the letter “B” and showed to his dad. As you may have guessed, his dad was praising him for his intelligence and my toddler’s face was beaming with delight as he let out a shriek of excitement.

Adults and older sibling encouragements are important to toddlers because words of praises and guidance help him to cultivate the interest to learn at higher level.

Don’t waste money

When my toddler was 18 months old, I remembered that my best friend suggested to me to purchase a pack of alphabet flashcard from bookstore which provide quality cards and washable too.

I did make a few surveys on the prices at different bookstores and questioned myself,” Is it necessary for me to buy these cards or should I try to make them on my own?”

It took a while for me to figure out how to make these flashcards in a much simpler way, no flashy colors or designs and the important factor is save money. I wanted to make something easy for my toddler to wander with, non-complicated pictures or words.

Why use a Stencil Ruler?

SOme of my friends said that they can’t draw well as I did. No, I am not an artistic craft maker either. I just draw from what I see on the websites.

If you can’t draw, I would advise you to buy this alphabet stencil ruler. It is easy to use. It is made from PVC or rubber or plastic.

It is transparent color so that you can see through on your paper. You can use color markers , color pencils or pencils to color the alphabets that you want and then cut them put.

I had one of this stencil ruler since my primary school years. Had been using until I graduate from school. Now, my son is using it.

Things that you need

  1. ANy boxes will do, as long they are thick and firm. I used Scott’s Emulsion and Campbell Soup boxes.
  2. Campbell soup boxes may feel a little soft but still OKAY.
  3. Scissors and white glue, basic tools.

What you need to make Alphabet Flash Cards

To make the alphabet flashcards for kids are not difficult at all.

All you need are :

  • some pictures with color that you can obtain from supermarket brochures
  • card boxes from breakfast cereal box, formula milk boxes which are not too thick
  • some color pencils to color the alphabets stencil.
  • don’t forget the basic glue and scissors.

Keep the pictures simple, preferably use actual pictures rather cartoon images. You can elaborate the alphabets as you want ( Example: A-Apple) Alternatively, you could print out the alphabets stencil or bold format fonts and bright red or blue colors to make the flashcard bright and attracts the toddler’s attention.

However, you will need to find more card boxes as there are 26 alphabets to make. You could start 5 or 10 alphabets for the 1st batch.

When your toddler is familiar with playing the flashcards, you could continue to make the rest of the alphabets at your own pace. Do not show him all the 26 alphabets flashcard at once. This will confuse the poor child and initiate a sudden fear to memorize them.

Benefits of making your own alphabets flashcard

  • Save cost- Remember to keep all those big and small food card boxes because you can recycle them into flashcards. You will cost of materials, save time and save petrol money from comparing prices at different bookstores.
  • Easy to use, easy to remember– start teaching your toddler with your own flashcards, one card that has the cut out picture and the other has the right alphabet that co-ordinates the picture.

Pronounce the alphabet correctly and clearly, use simple words to describe the picture shown. Practice with your toddler every day at your toddler’s own pace, don’t rush him.

Flashcards with actual pictures help the toddler to remember easily because the objects can be found at home, at shopping center and the wet market.

  • Convenient- Bring your own flashcards wherever you go, a short trip to the grocery store, the supermarket, travelling overseas, play with your neighbor’s kids or when your toddler is stuck with you in the car especially traffic jams.

He may feel bored during long journey. Let him play the flashcards in the car while waiting. You may be surprise to hear your child talking to himself while sorting out the flashcards.

Make alphabets flashcard a fun way to study by showing him the objects (which are the same as the flashcards) when you see them on the roadsides, pass by fruits shops and test his knowledge by asking him which alphabet does the object starts with.

Here is the Tutorial How I made my own Alphabet Flashcards with 5 Simple Steps.

Things You May Need

Supermarket Brochures with colorful actual pictures

  • A pair of scissors;
  • A pencil;
  • A ruler;
  • Some color pencils;
  • A Bottle of white glue;
  • Some card boxes.


Why use white glue?

I had tried using the normal school glue ( light brown in color ) for my craft projects but it doesn’t sticks the cards or papers together. It is not firm and doesn’t dry easily.

Hence, I decided to try the white glue even though it is a little expensive than the normal glue. I found that white glue texture is sticky, thicker and white in color, looks almost similar to school shoes white polish.

White glue kept the card boards firmed together, dries quickly and even glue ribbons, buttons, laces or any PVC objects to the craft very firmly.

While allowing the glue to dry, do not touch the craft. It will take at least 10 minutes to dry up and it doesn’t comes off at all.

Step 1

  1. Cut the card box into individual pieces.
  2. Draw out the measurements…
  3. Cut them out.
  4. You need 4 pieces, the same size.

How to cut the flash cards-STEP 1

Choose the card boxes which are not too thick. Otherwise, you will have a hard time cutting through the thick card boxes as you need more strength.

Gather as many card boxes as you could because you need to prepare 4 pieces of flash cards for an alphabet and the picture. I suggest that you could obtain some of the card boxes from breakfast cereal, formula milk powder refill pack, mushroom soup in sachets, toothpaste and cod liver oil.

  • Cut out the card box into individual pieces.
  • Draw a rectangle measuring 2.5” x 3.5” (height x length).
  • Cut out the rectangle.
  • Draw another rectangle with the same measurements on the same card , if there is any space left.
  • Cut out the 2nd rectangle.
  • Now you will have 2 pieces of rectangle flash cards.
  • This is meant to paste the picture.
  • You will need to cut another 2 more rectangles for the alphabet, total: 4 pieces



  1. Cut out the apple picture.
  2. Paste the picture on the flash card.
  3. Paste the top onto the bottom card.
  4. Trim off edges.

How to cut and paste the picture

  1. Let’s cut out the picture from the supermarket brochures.
  2. Look for the apple picture since it starts with the letter “A”
  3. You can cut in rectangle shape or follow the outline of the apple.
  4. Apply some glue behind the apple picture.
  5. Paste the picture in the middle of the 1st of flash card.
  6. You could color the background of the picture if you want to, just to make it attractive.
  7. Now, apply some more glue at the back of the flash card.
  8. Make sure that the glue is sufficient, applied at the flour edges.
  9. Place the 1st flash card on top of the 2nd flash card.
  10. Make sure that both flash cards are fitted nicely.
  11. Leave them to dry.
  12. Trim off the excess edges , all the four sides.
  13. Your 1st set of picture flash card is done.



  1. Draw the capital and small letter “A”.
  2. Do some simple coloring.
  3. Paste the 3rd card on top the 4th card.

How to Draw the Alphabets

Use either marker pen or a black color pencil to draw alphabet the stencils on the 3rd flash card.

Firstly, draw the capital “A” stencil.

Then, draw the small letter “a” stencil next to it.

If you wish to print out the alphabet stencils, free to do so.

These are some great free to download websites:

Print Bubble Capital Letters

Print Bubble LowerCase Letters

After you have drawn them, use any color pencil to color the alphabets.

Preferably use bright colors to make them bright and noticeable.

Apply some glue at the back of the 3rd flash card.

Paste the card onto the 4th flash card.

Allow the flash cards to dry.

Trim off four sides of the flash card.

Your 2nd set of flash card is done.

Finally Done !