Raise Your SAT Score – Is it Possible?

Raising Your SAT Score is no easy task. It requires a great deal of determination and hard work! But having strong scores can really make the difference between getting into your ideal choice school or receiving the scholarship money to cover it. For that reason, it definitely worth your while to ensure you understand how to raise a good SAT score.

SAT Grammar Rules

First off, do your best to keep up with the latest materials available on campus. The days of taking the SAT in January are over, and colleges are looking for applicants who are able to demonstrate that they can quickly read, analyze, comprehend, and solve problems. That means having an understanding of current SAT grammar rules and how they apply to the real world. Keep your textbook updated, and consult it for chapter 3 when possible to brush up on what you studied in class.

Be a proactive student. Even if you have received a recommendation, that doesn’t mean you have to practice as if it’s verbatim! Practice your studying and your response to the prompts. Not only will this raise your actual sat score, but it also makes you seem less like a test taker who gives up too soon!

How much time do you spend actually studying?

Another important strategy for high score improvement is pacing yourself. By pacing yourself, I mean making sure to complete all of the suggested books, take the suggested number of practice tests, and do the recommended amounts of homework each night. If you’re like most people, this sounds like common sense. But did you ever stop and think about how much time you spend actually studying? Most people do, and it’s very time-consuming!

SAT test results and SAT score

By taking practice tests and doing your homework at the same time, you’ll be more relaxed and focused on actually mastering the material. And by combining practice with real testing, you’ll also develop the mental muscles necessary for tackling real questions on the test day. This means that instead of dreading the day ahead, you’ll be ready to answer questions when they pop up. The end result is less stress and more confidence, which leads to better SAT test results and a higher sat score.

SAT Test Study Guide

Once you’ve got the mental preparation squared away, it’s time to start applying the information from your SAT test study guide. In particular, make sure you pay close attention to sectionalized quizzes. This is where most students go wrong. Instead of tackling one or two questions, you end up wasting an entire section reading and answering. So take advantage of a full-length practice test, break up the subject matter into manageable chunks, and get started on your strategy for raising your SAT scores.

SAT Prep Tools

Finally, don’t forget about SAT prep tools. There are hundreds of books, websites, and audio tapes out there designed to help students raise their scores. But like anything else, they’re worthless if students don’t know how to implement them. Fortunately, the SAT itself provides huge amounts of resources for aspiring test takers to study and take practice tests.

  • The official site even publishes a practice test for every SAT question you can imagine.
  • So whether you need to tackle practice tests for multiple subjects or focus on answering a specific type of essay, these resources can help you do it.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, don’t panic. There is no magic trick that will give you a jump in terms of SAT scores. It’s simply a matter of paying attention to the details that will lead to a big increase in your score and then sticking with your plan. As long as you have the right information, good prep strategies, and are disciplined enough to follow your strategy, there is no reason why you can’t raise your SAT Score by as much as 100 points. Even better, this method has no risk involved, so you can put that money toward other aspects of your education or into a new hobby.

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