What Is An “Angel Number”?

Simply Put, An Angel Number Is Brought Into Your Awareness By The Spiritual Realm As A Means Of Successful Communication.

They Speak The Language Of Numbers Since Everyone Will Interpret Them Uniquely.

One Person May Frequently See Their Bearthday Like Me On The Clock Or A License Plate. 4:28

& In That Moment, You Should Say Aloud, “Thank You For Connecting With Me! What Message Does My Guardian Angels Have To Give Me?”

& Be Open To Receiving The Answer.

Noticing “Sequences” Are Especially Note-Worthy. 1234, 3333, 9999, 1111, 2222.

Why Are Angel Numbers Important WHEN I See Them?

Because it’s literally “Divine” Energies That Are Being Channeled Into Your Reality At That Time.

Numerology Is The “Divination” I Studied First Only After Learning To Trust Angels For Guidance.

That’s Their Purpose – To Guide Us.

What We Do With That Guidance Is Up to Us According To The Universal Spiritual Laws. (I’ll Be Teaching This Next)

So When It’s A “Coincidence” That You Keep Seeing 333 After Seeing 222 For So Long, That’s A Clear Indication Of Growth.

Congratulations, You’re Clairsentient.

What Is Clairsentience? I’m Glad You Kept Reading.

20 Empowering Affirmations That Will Help You Start A Daily Routine. Pick Three To Write Or Say Aloud Daily.

  1. My Strength Is Greater Than Any Struggle.
  2. I’m Fearless.
  3. I’m Getting Stronger Everyday.
  4. I’m In Awe Of What My Body Is Capable Of.
  5. I Can Do This.
  6. I Was Not Made To Give Up.
  7. I Am Who I Want To Be.
  8. No One Can Make Me Feel Inferior.
  9. I’ve Discovered That I Am Fierce.
  10. I Know My Worth.
  11. I Inspire Others.
  12. I Do Not Fear The Fire, I AM The Fire.
  13. I Choose What I Become.
  14. I’ve Decided That I’m Good Enough.
  15. I’m Brave Enough To Climb Any Mountain.
  16. I Wink At Any Challenge.
  17. I Have The Power To Change My Story.
  18. It’s Not Their Job To Like Me, It’s Mine.
  19. I Use My Failures As A Stepping Stone.
  20. I Have The Courage To Say, “No”.
  21. Gaia Is Abundant.
  22. Love Is Everlasting.

As “Random” As This Title May “Seem”, Creating A Daily Routine Will Help Aid You In:

  • Helping You With Learning Numerology By Expanding Your Awareness To Number & Word Combinations VS Either Alone. (They Have Special Strength When You Intend For Them To; I’ll Also Be Teaching How To Set Powerful Intentions)
  • Learning About Your Life Path By The Number You Chose, I’m Glad You Scrolled Back Up.

Take A Deep Breath & Give Gratitude After You’ve Said Your Affirmations.

Something Like, “I Am Eternally Thankful Just To Be” Will Work.

How Angel Numbers Led Me To L O V E Myself Unconditionally..(#TimeForSomeAction #PharrellWilliams)

I Became Aware (0) – Starting Point, Beginning Of Infinite Positive Possibilities (Shoutout To Mike Dooley)

Learned (!) What I’m “Good At” By Studying MY Top Numbers:

Balanced My Life Path (8)

Express My Personality (11/2)

Allow Myself To Be Free: Expression (5)

Do Everything (Literally) With My Heart & Soul Urge (3)

There Are 7 Main Numbers In A Numerology Chart, Start Here.

Through Unconditional Love, I Remembered: I’m A Dope Combo. (Shout Out To Tobe Nwigwe!)

I Pay Attention To Details & Share Them Abundantly. (Shoutout To The Balance Given To My Life Path 8’s)

I Mind The Business That Pays Me. (Shoutout To JazmyneEssence)

I’m Honest With Everyone. (Shoutout To God)

Started With Myself. (Lead By Example, A Duty Of A Life Path 8)

Growth Is The “Proof” No Matter Who C H O O S E S To See It Or Not. (Blinders On & Giving Gratitude When Acknowledged)

1 More Time For The People In The Back! (Sometimes You Gotta Say It Twice. It Be Like That *Insert Unapologetic Shoulder Shrug*)

Free Will Is The Ultimate Choice. (You Choose)

The Question Is: What Will & Do You Choose To Allow “God” To Be The Co-Creator Of Your Life In Today?

My Answer: Everything.

& I Show Immense Gratitude Every Time I Receive A Blessing. I Literally Feel It In My Heart & Send It Back Through My Heart. (Visualization: Add To Your Daily Routine #Relevant)

I Found The “Answer” To All My Questions From Within & Through DIVINE Energies (Words).

My Angels Who I Have Allowed Myself To Trust & In Turn They Have Led MeThrough MY Darkness To Find The Light Within. (I Insert Attachments Only When Necessary I.E. “My”, “Our”, “We”.) #DivineHack

Peep Game In That Last Line Real Quick: The Angels Led Me To My Spiritual Blessings BECAUSE I A L L O W E D. #ALLOWANCE

& By “My Angels” I Mean The Ones Here On Gaia. You Have A Few Too & They’re Waiting To Find You (#EarthAngels Connect In The Ethers First)

Shoutout To Jesse Boykins III For His Song “Earth Girls”. #Taurus #Virgo #Capricorn

I’m Eternally Thankful For You All.


ClairAudience Is “Hearing” Clearly. ClairCognizance Is “Knowing” Clearly

Clairaudience Was The First Of My Spiritual Gifts I Discovered From Being A “Quiet Bull”. (Acknowledging The Lack Of Control & Mastering My Emotions)

I Was “Born” Claircognizant.

You Were Too.

After Reflecting & Consulting With Yourself, Which Spiritual Gifts Do You Embody?

Give Gratitude To The Angels For Helping You Find Your Center.


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