History of the Portland Family Magazine

In The Family: The magazine for queer people and their friends (in the family magazine) was a four quarterly, print magazine distributed in the United States by Family Press, Inc. The magazine is geared towards queers and their families. Although there are no plans to bring The Family Magazine to the UK, it has sold well in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and in Australia. It has won several awards, including a Peabody and is listed in the American Library Association’s list of “Books that are Important and Meaningful to Your Children.”

Popular Family Magazine

The fourth issue of the popular family magazine, The Family Magazine: The Basics, which was released in May, 2021, included a special four-part miniseries on parenting tips. The issue included a Parenting Guide to prepare new parents for the arrival of their first child. It was also the first time that The Family Magazine had a gender-neutral issue. The Issues dealt with same-sex parenting, single parenting, gay parenting, the birthing process, and issues surrounding adoption and surrogacy.

Part one of the magazine was devoted to parenting tips. This was divided into three parts:

  1. Advice on Everything You Need to Know,
  2. Advice on Everything You Don’t Know,
  3. Feature Article on a New Parent.

The feature articles on parenting discussed the importance of homework, encouraged getting your newborn child immunized, and recommended reading before bed. There was also a piece in the parenting section that encouraged mothers to be breastfeeding and bottle feeding as often as possible. The Family Magazine also encouraged women to get their bodies back into shape after childbirth, although this was not necessarily medical advice.

Parenting Guide

The second part of The Family Magazine: The Basics featured a Parenting Guide to prepare new parents for the arrival of their first child. This section included basic know how’s on parenting tips like making a plan for the infant, selecting a name, preparing a nursery, and more. The parenting guide also had sections on practical parenting from food to toys. The third section of the magazine gave tips for dealing with a death in the family, dealing with teenagers, and much more. The Family Magazine also included a parenting supplement that was released every quarter. The supplement featured news and reviews from time to time on things parents should know.

Helpful Information

The third section of the parenting magazine gave helpful information on how to make the most of home-based parenting. This was done through a number of feature articles that focused on practical topics such as saving money by cutting out grocery shopping, doing housework together, and more. The Family Magazine also published a parenting eBook that was released every year. The eBooks provided a variety of useful information to help parents stay on top of things. One of the most popular eBooks was the twelve weeks on exercise. This gave useful tips on working out, as well as useful information on a variety of different exercise that parents could do together.

Special Events

The fourth section of the Family Magazine was devoted to birthdays and special events. This section featured articles that centered around birthdays and other special occasions. The Family Magazine also published an issue dedicated to the month of January. The issue focused on age-specific parenting advice including how to get along with children of different ages.

The fifth and final section of the Portland family magazine was dedicated to international news. This section gave useful information on political, environmental, and entertainment news. The fifth issue of the magazine also featured an article on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. The anniversary issue of the Portland family magazine also included a special report about the efforts of environmental groups to get the U.S. government to phase out its use of fossil fuels.

Helpful Resource

The Family Magazine has served as a helpful resource for parents for over forty years. The issues featured in the magazine have always focused on family-related issues and advice. The magazine has consistently been in business since 1974. The magazine still offers a one-year subscription price.

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