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I want to go to a 4 year college which has majors in both international studies/relations and film in CA..?

any ideas? I want a good college, too, known for the majors of my choice.

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try usc or ucla they have great majors in film

4 years ago
I paintings for a individual four-12 months university, and we be given switch pupils from neighborhood schools always. There must be no stigma connected…exceptionally in the event you whole the acquaintances measure. It is a well thought to examine with the four-12 months schools you probably shifting to simply to be certain your categories will switch. For instance, so much four-12 months schools is not going to be given an “educational growth” guides (the ones beneath one hundred-degree). I needed to take a few simple arithmetic and intermediate algebra (each had been zero** categories) that did not switch to the four-12 months university whilst I transferred. The major facet of shifting credit is your grades. Usually, any grade beneath a “C” will NOT switch, and you’re going to must repeat any beneath that grade, although you’ve gotten your acquaintances measure. If your top institution grades had been well and so are your neighborhood university grades, you will have little trouble shifting to a four-12 months university. Good Luck!