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rudy t

How do I get enroll in Law School?

I love political science and I want to enroll in a law school, where do I go to get information about different law schools?

What are my requirements? I have previous college credit but for business management not for law, so I know I would have to start from the bottom, can anyone help me?

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You can get a ranking of law schools in the US at US News & World Report’s web site (see link below). You can get some information there — but you can get more information from the web sites of the individual schools.

In the US, you need a bachelor’s degree before attending law school. You can attend with any major — so completing your degree in business will be OK.

Basically, the application process is as follows:

….. You take the LSAT exam (kind of like the SATs)

….. Fill out an application

….. Get a couple of letters of recommendation

….. Send them a check.


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No age requisites. You will desire a bachelor’s measure first, regardless that. The traditional age of a scholar commencing legislation institution is 22, and the traditional age of a scholar graduating from legislation institution is 25. The usual age is fairly bigger when you consider that a few scholars paintings for a at the same time (both a couple of years or decades) earlier than commencing legislation institution. There are legislation scholars of their 40s, for instance. This isn’t as normal, however it is not in any respect distinct.

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Nasir P
I’ve written articles about how to get into law school as well as preparing for the LSAT. I also have a LAW SCHOOL FINDER that compares the stats of all ABA accredited law school in the US. See my link below.