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american schools and pre-med?

I believe that from my research in canada there are no majors such as “pre-med”. There are “biomed, biochem, health sciences, life sciences” which are supposed to be kind of like ‘pre-med’.

I was wondering, in U.S. if “Pre-Med” is a direct-entry (after highschool) program and if so if it is a major that you can take that would hopefully lead into being accepted into MD.

What schools in the U.S have this “pre-med” program?

thank yiou !

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your right there is no such major as pre-med… you can major in what ever you like then you apply….. but generally a lot of people major in biology because you need a hardcore background in science to pass MCATS. recently I have heard that since they have MCATS on computers now they are easier then the hard copy ones but you never know…. You also would need a GPA of about 3.6 and MCATS score of 22 and up.

Med schools don’t like the 2 year Ba then Med school so generally every one gets there undergrad then applies to med school, that way they also have time to develop the science and Math skills needed… Good Luck


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Some US schools do have ‘pre-med’ programs. Each school is different in how they designate pre-med students. Some have them taking the courses a biomed major would. Others have specific programs at medical schools to see what to expect in the future.

Furthermore some universities have programs for dedicated high school students to be accepted into medical before they even step into the university.

Some schools that have a wonderful medical school admission rate include:

1. Washington University in St. Louis

2. Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

3. Northwestern University (Chicago)

4. University of Pennsylvannia

5. Cornell University (NY)

Not all of these schools have a specific ‘pre-med’ program, but all of them are known to get people into medical school.


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Brandon W
I have not heard of any direct entry programs that are still in existence.

Pre-Med is not a degree program, it is a course sequence designed to satisfy entrance requirements to US Medical Schools. You will not get a degree in Premedical Studies. You would get a degree in some sort of science…General Science being the one I have seen most. Almost all Universities in the US offer a PreMed program of study.

You will need to work with an advisor to choose a few different med schools, and satisfy the entrance requirements for all of them, so that you have more options available when it comes time to apply.


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Fly On The Wall
Same in the US. A few schools used to have “direct entry” types of programs (2 years for a scraped-down BS and then right into medical school) but I think this is no longer in favor.

So you’re back to biochem, chemistry, biology. Sorry!


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it rather is a query for a school director, call somebody at any u . s . a . graduate college of drugs. i’m advantageous in case you have taken all the prerequistes and get a intense score the MCAT your hazard is very intense, yet I have not have been given any thought. the standards at my college for Prehealth are 2 O-chems, 2 Phsyical Chems, 2 Physics, and a pair of Microbio. stable success.

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pre med is basically biology…thats what u major in

i know Duke and UNC have one