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Why are they asking for my parent’s financial information?

I’m a community college student transferring at the end of the spring semester. For some weird reason, these four year colleges keep asking me for my parent’s information. Howard, Harvard and GWU all asked for it, but I want to know why. I have two children of my own, and custody of another. I only claim my two on my taxes, but that should be sufficient. I’ve filed as head of household for the last two or three tax years. Doesn’t that qualify me for independent status? At community college, I wasn’t required to provide my parent’s info, why is it different at a four year? Harvard says something like, ‘99% of students don’t qualify for independent status, because we feel that their parents should contribute’. Well too bad because my parents stopped contributing four years ago when my son was born. So what do I tell them

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Yes, with children that you provide more than 50% of their support, you would be considered independent. (Make sure you are answering this question correctly on the fafsa).

Perhaps they are asking because the school is so expensive the total amount limits you are allowed to borrow exceed the cost of the attendance of their school.

99% of students have to go elsewhere for funding…. parents are the next logical choice because they are pretty easy for the school to get the qualified for federal students loans.


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Rachel S
No it is too bad for you your parents stopped contributing not the college. Why should financial aide be given to someone who’s parents have the means to contribute to the cost of your education but are too cheap or irresponsible to do so. If I were paying child support to an ex-spouse I would have to pay until that child is 21 if they are full time students.

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Universities will, based on federal guidelines, make you provide your parent’s info until you reach age 24 (or turn 24 by a certain date in the year you are applying). Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether they contribute or not, you have to provide the info to be considered for aid.