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What are some positive rewards I can offer students?

Please give me your ideas for a discipline plan.

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penny c

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middleschool students need reassuring, they go through so much change in their life during those times.

if they do a report reward them with not having to do the next one, say it counts as 2 grades.

if they ace a test, let them teach a lesson in class ,

if they have good behavior buy them a pizza for lunch,

if they carry A’s & B’s all school year then reward them with

a nice gift of some sort, one male and one female. or maybe an ipod .(something worth having)

for disipline for bad behavior,

i would do a money thing, say put a quarter in the bank (and have a bank of somekind in your class room), say quarter for everytime you talk out of turn, 50cents for not doing your home work, 1.00 for disrespect, and so on at the end of the year tell your class that the student with the most outstanding grades and performance will win the money.

if the students don’t have money then for whatever offense they do then take that amount off a grade. whether is be 25,50,100 .

just a thought!!!!!!!!!


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This may add to your already heavy workload as a teacher because it requires some individualization. If you aren’t familiar with the Premack Principle , let me give you a quick overview: The psychologist, David Premack back in 1959 discovered that the opportunity to engage in an activity that is freely chosen can itself be used as a positive reinforcer.

For example, you may know that a particular student loves to play a video game when given the chance to choose on his own. Upon reaching a goal that you define for him, you could reward the child with a five minute interval in which he could play the game.

To add a dimension of social influence, you could ask the class to identify something they all would enjoy doing together. At the end of a week of a defined percentage of success (pass rate, etc.), the entire class would get to participate in that activity. The added value of this application is that it could promote pro-social behavior in students as they encourage and tutor struggling classmates.

Naturally, you would tailor Premack to your specific situation. Sorry if I’m covering ground already familiar to you. Good luck!


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I know of a teacher who throws pieces of candy or stickers to students who are paying attention and answering questions correctly. I am thinking of trying this myself. The only problem is if you come across a child who is diabetic.

You might allow students to help out around the room by straightening up books, cleaning desk tops, or cleaning the floors. You will be amazed at the kids who want to help in this area. Just remember not to let the kids see other kids grades or let them grade papers. That just creates a whole new set of problems!!!

Remember to always follow through with what you say you are going to do. Kids know if you are not going to follow through and will test you again and again.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!


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Encouragement, be real, students know when you are not.

Do not give “false praise” with good intentions to lift their “self esteem”.

Praise honest effort, and hard work.

A good book to read before school starts is;

Punished by Rewards, the trouble with gold stars. incentive plans. A’s, Praise, and other bribes, by Alfie Kohn.


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Maybe if possible a trip out to a restaurant or time in class to do whatevr they want or maybe a lesson with only board games they bring to class where they can have fun or maybe a bit of a part in class with snacks and play charades.

Hope that helps!!


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i teach 6th grade (still elementary school in my district) and i have a checkbook system…the students get a real checkbook that they get to keep record of things they do…they get money for various things, like perfect attendance, doing homework, having classroom job, and they get money taken away for various things, like using the restroom, no name on paper, missing assignments, etc.

at the end of the year, they get to use their checkbook money to bid on various prizes they’ve gotten donations from….my students are also responsible for obtaining those donations by writing the letters to businesses, celebrities, companies, etc.

it keeps students motivated all throughout the year because they know they can’t get the item they really want unless they have lots of money in their account.


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This would be solely dependent on the level of the students. You could offer extra credits for extra work.

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I find lolly pops work well!

Even with some of my big hard 16 year old lads


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Maybe a few extra points on the next test or quiz

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Lunch with teacher