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again i posting for better advise——pl.help?

i am a soft spoken young lady recently appointed as a school teacher.

my problem is i can not able to maintain discipline specially in higher classes. some older girls are creating problems very much. they least bother to obey a young teacher like me. when i report this to headmaster he put blame me only.will i start punishing even the older girls to maintain discipline ? pl. advise

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I teach high schoolers so I feel your pain. I had some of the problems you do until I got myself organized and changed the environment they were used to. Here’s a couple of hints:

1) Carry yourself as if you are not softspoken. Appearance is everything.

2) You need to have a plan for how you are going to deal with discipline problems and other disturbances. Then talk it over with your administrator and get him behind you. Be clear about it then communicate it to students so they all understand.

3) Keep yourself organized. Lesson plans, activities with a clear aim, etc.

4) Seating charts work great to minimize problems. Use them.

5) Get two books and study them.

1. Assertive Discipline by Lee Canter

2. The First Days of School by Harry Wong

they will revolutionize your teaching experience.

6) Be willing to act on your discipline plan. Don’t worry if they say you are mean or that they don’t like you. When you do act on it, don’t get mad. Keep your composure and put the responsibility for the consequences on them for the choice they made in breaking the rule.

7) Try to have fun.


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First, i think if a headmaster takes the sts’ word over ur, he/she shouldnt b the headmaster.Which, means find another school to teach.

Besides that, i suggest not to punish the one who wont maintain discipline. you can move the sts. around in the room where you can maintain them to listen or interact. Friends who sit together tend to give young teachers a rough time cause the sts. are bunched together. I also use what is calle the ‘stare”. while i teach , i mite have sts. giving me a hard time to teach others, so i stop my lesson and stare at them till they stop. If they dont, then dont stoop @ their level. Ask em questions about what you just taught. make them realize everyone is watching a foolish person instead of making you foolish.

If ya really get stuck, there ate bookstores or libraries, or even the internet, which can help you find the dolution to ur problem. I dont have this problem cause ive been teaching for 18 yrs, but i still get those who challenge me yr after yr. Just cause im older, i get those same problems , but because im the “old Man”.LOL…i just laff it off, and use different strategies for different situations.

Good luck.


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In order for a teacher to maintain proper discipline within their classroom they must have several things.

1.) The respect of the students. (fear also works)

2.) Supportive administration. (a must!)

3.) Clearly defined classroom expectations and consequences.

4.) Common sense (don’t fight every battle)

5.) A sense of humor or ability to relate with the kids.

6.) Consistency.

7.) A good lesson plan as to minimize off task behavior.

These are but a few…where do you teach? Is it a public or private school? Grade level? Those all play a factor in adjusting your personal teaching style to meet problem kids…


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I am also a soft spoken young teacher, who is also physically very small. I am a high school teacher, mainly 16/17 year olds. I have never had major problems with classroom management because I don’t carry myself as a “small, soft-spoken young teacher.” You need to gain some confidence in yourself! If your students see a weakness in you, they will exploit it. That is why you are having problems with these girls. Talk to some of the other teachers, and maybe even observe them in class.

These girls that you mention aren’t disobeying you because you are young. THey are disobeying you because you are letting them do it. Unfortunetly, girls are followers. You are probably going to have to make an example of the worst girls. When you do, though, you have to stick to your guns. Let them know you won’t tolerate that behavior, and then ENFORCE that rule in your classroom. Please remember, it is your classroom, not theirs. Good luck, and I can absolutely share more stories/advice if you need it!


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Just out of curiosity, where do you teach? I only ask because you write as though English were a second language to you.

Use assigned seating to separate trouble-makers from each other. I would also suggest that on the first day of class, you ask for a show of hands to the question, “How many of you want a passing grade in this class?” If any do not raise their hands, take their names and allow them to report to study hall or wherever students spend their free periods. saying:

“You do not have to work for a failing grade. You get that for free.

“For the rest of you, here is my grading system: 40% is for class participation, 20% is for homework, and 40% comes from your tests.

“Class participation is marked each day: you get 70 points just for showing up or for an excused absence. Any positive contribution brings that up to 100 and any disruption knocks it down to 0 whether you’ve made a contribution or not and the same applies if you do not sit in your assigned seat.

“If you want to pass this course, you will behave properly.”


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Can you call their parents when they misbehave? It is quite effective – especially if you can call right there from your desk and have the girls talk to their mom/dad. I’ve only done this when the parents have told me I can – otherwise I’d probably get in trouble for it – but these kids need to know that YOU are in charge and YOUR word is it. Also, I can tell you, you need to work on losing the soft-spoken aspect when in the classroom. You have to convey authority. Not to scare them, but to help them with respecting you. Don’t flinch – practice your poker face. It is really important. Never let ’em see you sweat. Good Luck!

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i exchange into eaten alive by 5th graders as quickly as I first started. i exchange into their student instructor for 3 months, then the instructor left and that i grew to alter into their instructor for something of the 300 and sixty 5 days. They observed me as a results of fact the student instructor nonetheless, yet their unique instructor exchange into now no longer there at the back of me giving them “the look.” So first, improve “the look.” you have have been given to enable them to comprehend which you spot all, and because you may no longer continually quit classification, you supply the look and handle them later. I now coach 2nd, so once you’re saying “greater training” i’m assuming you recommend severe college point? For me, i will call residing house – and that i do. might that have any impact? Do grades impact those toddlers? if so, you upload understand into your syllabus or expectancies set up before everything of the 300 and sixty 5 days. Make it nicely worth a letter grade. Our checklist enjoying cards also have a niche for habit subject concerns. I mark it there, remark approximately it, and then confer with the mothers and fathers approximately it at convention time. on the tip of my 5th grade time the lecturers around me mentioned I got here a protracted way even in those 3 months. i did no longer backpedal. I did call residing house if mandatory, as a exchange of purely threatening. I did, although, nonetheless have a great time with them. wish this helps.

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you keep doing wat you are doing just keep your head up and stand up for yourself dont feel bad if your