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Are these good test taking tips?

i wrote this, is it good???


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Ting Ting L

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These are really good test-taking tips

thanks to you….i’m more relieved about taking my SSAT tmr!

: D


4 years ago
ok i’m gunna scratch the exterior slightly greater durable than study, no offense to the replyer. First take the financial disaster which you study and real them each and each down on a real of the a bite of word e book paper (diverse financial disaster diverse paper). maximum textual content fabric books have vocabulary highlighted so study (or look) locate those and real down the definitions. attempt to maintain it right down to key element definitions. Then spotlight them your self, it rather is a indisputable certainty that issues in shiny colorings (different than white) are much less complicated to remember. After that study during the financial disaster and real the main factors of all and sundry. spotlight those to boot. Then sit down able the place you are able to completely concentration, (no track,T.V., or if mandatory domicile windows) for me i don’t even have family contributors interior the room. in case you are able to not get rather placed earplugs or headphones directly to dam the noise. Then study for a million hour on each and each financial disaster, shop reading it over , verify out the notecard, study it lower back and so on. try this for each financial disaster. Inbetween each and each financial disaster i many times take breaks, get a drink or snack. THen i flow lower back. once you’re nonetheless completely stumped afterwards checklist your suggestions on a CD. tell each and every thing this is on those slips then pay attention to it collectively as you sleep. Your techniques is open then and many times has not something on it. in case you have a study corridor era OR it somewhat is the day formerly the try convey THE PAGES to college and prepare in the time of your loose time in the time of faculty. wish this enables 🙂