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Are there any games to play students in pre-primary school? ( Teacher’s in Taiwan)?

I got this chance of teaching two children at the age of six (in Taiwan). I want to do something fun with them, they don’t know their ABC’s and their ㄅㄆㄇㄈ的拼音, can someone give some advice of how I could teach them or play with them for 3 hours!


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As an aspiring teacher with experience working with ESL students, playing games can not only be fun but educational as well. Question: dou you know how to speak their language? If so, you’re 99.9% there!!!

I would suggest you look into websites for ESL activities. Believe me, there are numerous!!! Try activities that have music (music is universal!) make up songs that include their name and try to rhyme it. Sing “Row, row, row your boat” and include hand gestures.

Paint pictures of common every day objects and verbally name them in English,(hey, maybe they will name it in Taiwanese!) Play hopscotch or any other kinesthetic activity, that way they work their motor skills.

Possibilities are endless!! Use your imagination!