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grammatically correct?

whats the word for when ????

ok,like if your spelling was bad you could say please excuse my grammer

but if your spelling was perfect but it was more referring to like your punctuations and??how would you say excuse my….???


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You can say “excuse my grammar”, “excuse my spelling”, or “excuse my punctuation”, depending on which you would like excused!

I don’t point out grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in questions, because I don’t know the educational or linguistic background of the asker, and because it doesn’t really matter to me.

I do, however, have a problem with people who make such criticisms but also make errors themselves (what is that saying about people who live in glass houses?)

Cara should know that the contraction for “it is” is “it’s”, with an apostrophe.

I don’t have the time to point out all of the errors in the rude answer that Ans provided, so I’ll pick a few of them:

– whatever is one word

– punctuation is always singular

– attempting to make three sentences into one by using both a comma and a semi-colon is a crazy idea!


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When your spelling is wrong, you can say “excuse my spelling”.

But when your punctuation is wrong, and no apparent sense can be made by what you write, you can say “excuse my expression”, or “excuse my grammar”.


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Excuse my punctuations!

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Why don’t you read up on punctuations first and then do the letter (or what ever it is you are writing) correctly. It is very rude to ask excuse for something like that, do it correctly; ask someone to read it over and stop the drama!!!!!!!

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excuse my punctuation.

excuse my spelling.

excure my grammAr.

it depends if you’re saying it or writing it.


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If its your spelling you would say “please excuse my spelling”. If its punctuation you would say “please excuse my grammar”. You are terrible at both by the way.

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Herb W
I’d have to agree with Cara. Study more and harder.