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Jacob S

Will finding a job be easier with these majors?

I double majored, first chemical engineering major and second Biochem. major. With this, will it be easier to find a job?

Please Help! What can I do with this?

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You should have no problem getting a job if your grades are reasonably decent and your school is reputable. Go to on-campus job fairs after putting together a great resume. Good luck….

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Fly On The Wall
Those are strong, practical majors with good job prospects.

But —

In any field, in order to actually get a job, you need to distinguish yourself relative to the other applicants, and at the entry level, that means your peers. And the way they determine that is through your resume and interviews.

Are you getting the best grades of your peers?

Are you doing more research than your peers?

Are you getting published?

Did you have a relevant internship or co-op?

Are you better prepared for interviews than your peers?

Are your communications and interpersonal skills better than your peers?


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It depends what you want to…you should talk to a careers advisor about this.