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alex m.

What is the best college to pursue writing?

I am keeping my eyes open and trying to ask people what college is the best for writing, in any form? I want to become a writer, but I also want to live in NYC. So, what is the best college for writing in NYC and in the country?

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I hate to say this but that’s a liberal arts focus, so looking at any Ivy league school would be your best bet.

Thus, Columbia is your only choice. I would also look to many of other close-Ivy League schools in the Northeast like Colgate, Oberlin, Lehigh. Women’s schools like Wellesley and Swarthmore would be good choices also.

You need to stick to Liberal Arts focused schools rather than State schools which are more technical based. Because of default, they need to offer English & Literature, but nothing of substance happens there in terms of understanding literature in a better context.

Writing and English is definately a breadth coursework (rather than depth) and having a renouned department in English or Literature will make the difference.

Some consider writing as frosting to the cake, but remember, all cake mix tastes the same, and how the cake looks makes the sale.


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I think New York University might have a writing program and NYU is a very good school. You should check them out.

I know that NYU has a grad creative writing program.