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Please help me to write a rejection letter to college !!!?

I got admitted in many colleges and my major is Engineering. After long consdieration I took Penn State School of Engineering (University PArk) and Mechanical Engineering in Clarkson University. I choose Penn State since its engineering is ranked 14th (US News); Clarkson University (Postdam NY) since they gave me full scholarship (ME ranking 80). Now I have decided to take Penn State since they gave me in-state fees. Please help me to write a rejection letter to Clarkson. Note that I want some what good reason and that I cannot keep financial as a reason for rejection. Even though academic and distance from home could be good reasons. I live in NJ.

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You don’t have to give a reason. Just write and thank them for their offer, but say that you’ve chosen to pursue your degree at another university. Short and sweet. Good luck.