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i’m applying for law at harvard, lse, any of the ivy leagues or oxbridge?

any advice? and has anyone done this before?

by the way, i am currently in the midst of rounding up my first degree in nanotechnology, i am averaging a first class degree and i have done a year out in industry

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Tim W

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Are you American or British? Law in the US is taken as a post graduate degree but in the UK it is taken as an undergraduate degree. If you want to study it at LSE or Oxbridge you would have to take it as a second undergraduate degree. UK students with non-law degrees who want a legal career generally take the year long graduate diploma in law (GDL) also called a Common Professional Exam (CPE). A list of providers can be found at http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/becomingasolicitor/qualifying/common.law#list

The GDL is not offered by Oxbridge or the LSE.