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help mee!! – application letter.?

could anyone please help me in drafting an application letter. it’s for an internal position. it only needs to be around a couple of paragraphs and doesn’t need to be anthing too formal. i just need a basic outline.


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Remember font and spell check…

Name details

Address details etc.



I would like to apply for the position of….

I am applying to (whatever your reason is).

Please find my resume attached to this letter in support of my application.

I have (?years) experience (where) . My skills and knowledge of this role will enable me to interact with your staff, (and who else), to promote the role of (whats the job name). Further, my previous experience in (whatever you did previously) roles will enable me to promote the aims and objectives of (the organisation name) within the workplace and the community, in a positive manner.

I am currently (what job name do you do). I have been ( position description brief) . I believe I can fulfil the term of the position and the requirements, according to (as set out by whatever governing policies you obey helath and safety etc).

My resume details my familiarity with the (? ) role, its obligations and responsibilities. I am also familiar and observant of other roles associated with the position I am expressing my interest in.

If you have any queries or require further detailed information on my knowledge of the (role name) position or my suitability for the position, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely


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Dear (name of Personnel Manager)

I am interested in applying for the position of ***** which I have seen advertised (say where you’ve seen it advertised i.e. on the notice board or in a staff publication.)

At present, I am employed in …(say which department you work in), but I now feel I would like the challenge of doing something new, whilst staying with the Company. I think I would be ideal for this position because… (say what your strengths are which would be useful to the department).

If you think I would be a suitable candidate for this position, I should be pleased to discuss it further at a mutually convenient time.

Yours sincerely


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Go to the library and get out a book about job seeking and application letters and then draft one up to help. www.careerone.com.au usually has useful information too.