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Can Med Schoool requirements be fulfilled with science minor?

Is it possible to fulfill the requirements needed to apply to med school with only a minor in science. For example I want to graduate with a BBA, but also minor in Biology, will my biology minor be enough for me to take the MCATS and get into med school, or will i need to major in a science?

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Most people who go to medical school major in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry. However you can major in anything you want to and go to medical school. You don’t need to major or minor in a science. Statistics show that your major has very little correlation with whether you get in or not:


Minimum college course requirements to get into most U.S. medical schools include one year of each:


General (inorganic) chemistry

Organic chemistry


Related lab work for each science course

In addition, many schools require English and math courses.

This information from : http://www.mommd.com/admissionreq.shtml

Many schools will have arcane special course requirements, so you must research the schools you are interested in to make sure you have the courses they want.

One thing I would not recommend majoring in is premed. If you don’t get in, it looks bad on your transcript when you go into something else.

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I am a medical doctor.


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It depends on the school that you want to go to. Some schools have different requirements for the classes they require. I am not sure what classes you need for your minor, but most medical schools require you to take:

biology-8 credits

inorganic chem- 8-10 credits

organic chem- 8-10 credits

physics- 8 credits

and some require math and english also.

for your MCAT, the above classes i mentioned are enough for you to do well on your test if you study for the test. the test only has those subjects, (not math) a verbal section, and essays.

for your major, it does not really matter, as long as you finish the requirements for the science classes. you might want to do research, but so far i have found all the resources i have saying that medical schools want you to pursue what you are passionate about, even if it is not biology or science related.

i hope that helped a little. good luck =)


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You won’t need to major in science to get into med school. The requirements for each school usually vary slightly (one or two courses differ), but overall are generally the same. The biology minor should satisfy most of the requirements, but checking with the admissions office of any of your potential med schools will probably be your best bet.

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Kim Jones
Hmm. you dont have HAVE to major in science.