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I need advice/support. Im failing my uni course and dont know where im heading.?

I feel like a real failure.

Things are going from bad to worse in my life right now. I dont know whether i should carry on with my degree or pull the plug on it. Im in my final year semester two and have failed two 24 credit modules (two double modules). I could do the retakes but i dont understand the work, so a retake is going to be pretty useless to me. The only other option i have is to go back to uni in september and do two new double modules to replace the ones i failed.

I feel as though im never going to get out of this place, or if im going to be able to graduate at all. Im finding the work hard to understand. I dont even think im that academic and im just plodding along trying to pass everything. Im getting depressed because my marks are not very high either.

I need to get these extra 48 credits, otherwise i wont get honours, which i what i really want. Right now, im a total mess. Im feeling so low. I dont think im academic enough to cope with my course.

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When we are students sometimes we feel school is eternal, but once we finish, we are very happy to look back and remember the difficulties. Talk to your counsel. My only suggestion, which has to be a positive one, is that you stay in there, give it all you got, stop going out or having fun if you are, concentrate, do it. Believe me, you’ll be happy later. The worst feeling in life is to fail when you knew you had the choice.

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Theodore H
You might find out if you can get some supplementary tutoring for your modules. Returning next year really isn’t going to be any big disgrace in the long haul. You might wish to see a counselor or psychologist … you sound depressed. You’ll get through it somehow.