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teacher needs ur help…. thx?

I am doing a Unit Plan on the Water Cycle for my 4th grade class. However, i need to ask them a few essential questions at the begining of the unit plan to spark their enthusiasm. I came up with one question so far : “What would happen if you placed a small pond in the middle of the Sahara Desert?

Do you have anymore engaging questions that i could use? Thanks for your help

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miss huff

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i coudnt really answer your question. but this website http://www.kidzone.ws/water/ has a lot of activities, information, and other fun facts about the water cycle, you might want to check it out. good luck

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Arrica H
You could ask them if they have ever been outside after it rained and saw some nice big water puddles they wanted to jump into? Then why did the disappear just a day later?

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Krystal G
here is a good lesson on the water cycle for the 4th grade