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What are some of the best school districts in Fairfax County, Virginia? Any schools to avoid?

I will be moving my family to Fairfax, Virginia in the next 3-6 months, and wanted some good recommendations on the best school districts in Fairfax County. I know most schools in Fairfax are top rated in the nation, but are there any specific schools that are top notch? Thanks so much in advance for your help. My childrens’ education is the #1 priority for me, and I have kids that will be attending primary, middle, and soon high school. Your recommendations are most appreciated! Thanks!

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Schools in Fairfax are VERY good. You’ll have a tough time messing this up. I believe every high school in the county is ranked in the top 500 nationally, and the elementaries and jr highs just feed these. It’s all about what you want, too. We live in the eastern part of Fairfax; the population is more diverse, and there are public schools where kids can learn Spanish, Chinese, and/or Korean in the elementary grades.

If you have a real estate agent, be sure to ask them – they won’t – and many times can’t (referrals are necessary!) steer you wrong. Check the Fairfax County Schools website for demographic info and more.