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School’s out!! …now what?

Any ideas of what I can do over the summer? We live out in the middle of no where, so walking (or driving, mom doesn’t want to) to a pool is out of the question. I write a little, but am mostly on here each and every day. But I AM excited for school to come back in…I’ll be a freshman!! Man, I’ll be old. But I’m working to become validictorian and I don’t want my brain to rot over the summer so if you have any educational sites you know of, let me know. Yes, I am a geek. But also, Class president!!! YEAH! Anyway, I’ve been reading and petting my cats, lol, but does anyone have any other ideas of what I could be doing. Also – get me that educational site!

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Good for you! Seriously, most kids your age just want to watch TV. Instead of “block busters” like the other poster suggested, I would recommend you see good documentaries, like “Children Underground,” any Frontline, or anything else cultural, sociological, or educational. Also–READ BOOKS! Go to the library, or buy books on half.com. Learn how to play chess. Memorize the states and their capitals. Learn how to count to ten in ten languages. Learn common greetings in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. Subscribe to a weekly news magazine like “The Nation.” Try your hand at cooking and try new recipes. Make healthy snacks for your family. Read “The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys.” Memorize the names of all the US Presidents. Find your favorite quote, and add it to your email signature. Send your grandparents a letter. Send a soldier overseas a letter. Start researching colleges, and dreaming of graduate school. That should get you started! Have a wonderful summer!

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This is where your age does not matter. You deserve to have fun and do things for the summer. I to have friends of all ages and some fo them tell me the same thing that they live far away from things like the pools, waterparks, and malls, so it can be difficult and I know boring. The best thing to do is to find ways to meet up with people who respect and treat you nice that might be able to work it out that you can go farther away even for a day or two just so that you can do the things you deserve to do. Don’t feel bad:( I have to work and I wish I had more time to do that but I hope that I have helped you as much as possible because I don’y want you depressed or sad for this summer! The key thing is to remember even when you are home, there is a lot to do online and with digital television now as well as music. I play percussion and sing so that is something I do here that I enjoy and maybe you can try that if you don’t already. I know this may not be the best answers but I hope I have helped in some way:)

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Mike G
I suggest something in the middle. Don’t totally slack off, but don’t overburden yourself with cramming arcane knowledge into your head. You won’t retain most of it anyhow. Instead, use this opportunity to read broadly but not necessarily deeply… even watch some interesting educational TV like PBS or Discovery Channel. At your age, your best technique is not to learn *everything* (you’ve got years to build your basic knowledge), but to start defining what you’re really interested in studying deeply.

Are you a science geek? If so, what sort of science are you interested in? Do you want to teach? If so, what’s your subject? Do you want to learn a trade? If so, which occupations interest you the most? If you can educate yourself on the options that are available and decide on which ones appeal to you, you’ll be better equipped to apply for colleges and scholarships based on your intended field of study when you head into your junior and senior years.

Most of all, don’t try to “figure out” your life too early. Sometimes new options will pop up that surprise you.


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hey, about a site…I used Cosmeo.com this year for a Chemistry class that had a teacher that can’t teach. The site taught me A LOT! Its supposedly tutoring and costs about 10$ a month, but its through the Discovery channel and they have great info. Most everything is educational videos on about a million subjects of your choice and they also have archives of info.

I don’t know if it’d be worth it cuz some stuff is kinda like, DUH!

but I enjoyed it.

Got to say, I’m pretty geeky too, so during the summer I like to broaden my reading material. I look for things I wouldn’t normally choose during the school year and read them. Like, I usually hated anything about history, but started reading Historical Fiction and looove it.

Some colleges offer summer courses if you are really hard core, and you can usually get a free ride if your grades are up. Community service and volunteering is good too for colleges.

Good luck and don’t forget to relax too 🙂


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See a summer block buster


Die HArd

Spider man 3

Pirates of the carribian 3