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help me decide my future.?

I love kids.

Ive always wanted to teach, I went on a missions trip a while back and worked with kids in Ecuador and I loved it.

I also Love music, Ive been in stuff all through high school and I’ve been singing since I could talk.

I would love to go work in international schools somehow Ive taken two years of spanish but Im not excellent at it. So I dont know how I’d do, when I went down there I had a translator.

Im a senior and Im trying to decide what to do, freshman year is mostly basics so Im not stressing but I want an idea.

Please help me if you have any ideas or recommendations:)

thank you!!

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My sister-in-law is currently living and working in Jakarta as an international elementary teacher. She speaks Spanish and a smattering of French. She uses neither language with those kids. These are kids in the School of the Americas (I think that’s the name?) Mostly rich kids, ex-patriat kids, etc. You don’t necessarily have to speak a language to be a teacher in a foreign country. If you want more info, or would like to contact my sis, let me know privately and I’ll get you in touch with her. Good luck! (She LOVES it, btw…she’s also taught in Mexico for a few years.)

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if you happen to like math and you prefer handling children whether or not early age or high school identification opt for the instructor task. but when thats now not the case then simply opt for the pc jobs with science now days theres gunna be a top call for for whatever of that nature for a whilst and youd be getting payed decently.