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Effective study methods?

Hey, sitting for end-of-year exams in 4 weeks time and next week we’re having hols. I have like so many many many topics to revise since i have been slacking lately. I found that condensing information into points is easier for me to study, but if i do tat for the million-and-one topics i have, i am deffinitely going to get bored. Is there any other study methods out there???or any web that states other methods that i can give a try? thank you =)

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It will be bored if you study thing without mission, without ambition.

Ask yourself, what is your ambition? Then if your ambition relate to a subject, you will start loving that subject and see what you can’t see.

A person can eat, when he is hungry even it is hard for him to find food. He can see all thing as food.

The same thing, when you have ambition, you will see all subjects and topic as a tool to reach your ambition.

Believe or not, it is about mental state and mind block.

Have a strong ambition, and all problem will become challenge, and you will going to be a winner.


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highlight and review

-highlight important points in the passages

-read over the highlighted parts

-the highlighting and the reviewing add up to a powerful method for study

writing things down takes too long – even with a computer its not efficient


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