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Shy girl in preschool?

I’m in a class called Child Development and we are basically preschool teachers.

Today was orientation and there was a girl who was really shy. but only about talking to people or participating because I could see that she really was a little interested. Our teacher told us that one of the girls had lost her mother a couple of years ago to cancer and we think that it is this girl.

I was only orientation and I’m sure it was her first time in any kind of school program so it’s understandable for her to be shy, but the other kids were already having a little fun and getting comfortable.

Does anyone know how we can get her to open up and be more comfortable in the preschool environment?

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I’ve had one of those before. She didn’t speak at all the first time she was there. The next time she came, though, I spent about fifteen minutes stacking blocks with her during playtime, and before I knew it, she was talking up a storm.

That may be all that is necessary: time and attention. If it has to do with losing her mother, it may take longer than usual for her to open up. Then again, it may have more to do with her personality than with anything else. In which case, she’ll probably begin to participate more, but she may remain a rather quite child.


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I am in advance child development, also. You can’t just open her up. She has to gradually come out. What i mean is, children gradually become open, some are easily expressive, others are hard to open up. Things you could do to make her open up better, try to talk to her, alone. Make her feel good, teach her. There’s this sweetheart in my preschool class, and she has only been in school since last wednesday (18, first day of preschool) and she had cried all last week. She hadn’t cried anymore this week, other than today we went to see the animals, she wanted to see her mom, but she hadn’t wined much. You just have to be warm hearted, and get to her level. It’s difficult to explain….just show her passion.

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The best thing you can do is nothing. Let her watch if tat is all she is ready to do. Smile at her, offer her chances to participate but do not push. She will find something that interests her in time and probably start playing alone. At that point you might want to ask her if she’d like another child to pay with her. Pick one who is not too outgoing or bossy. If she refuses, that’s OK.

We treat shyness like a disease. Some kids just take longer to warm up. They are not unhappy ad there is nothing wrong with them


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