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When do yo use partial factoring and completing the square in a quadratic equation?

Im not sure when to use partial factoring with quadratic equations…is it when ax^2 + bx are the only ones that can be factored?

Also for completing the square do you use that if you want to find the vertex of the quadratic equation right away ??

im confused on how to use them since our teacher has been away for 4 days and she’s giving us a test on this tomorrow which im still confused about..HELPP

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“Partial factoring” or setting up the equation in vertex form is for the most part used when you want to graph the equation’s vertex.

To write the equation in vertex form it will end up as

y = a(x-h)^2 + k, where

(h, k) = -b/(2a) , (4ac – b^2)/(4a) = f(-b/(2a))

You use the quadratic equation when you want to find the zeros or x-intercepts of the equation (which also helps with the graphing).

I hope that helps sort out things a little. 😉


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