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Physics homework?

In a resilient environment the resilient mode is E .A longitudinal wave propagates in this environment.(when the wave reaches the distance d the equation is y = Asin ( ωt – φ).

I have to calculate: a). the frequency ν and the wave length

b).the density ρ of the environment

c).the distance d1 between the source and the wave when y= Asin(ωt – φ1)

*Notes: E= 6,75*10^10 N/m^2

d=5 m

ω=10^3Л rad/s

φ=Л rad

φ1=Л/5 rad

Answers for verification: v=500 Hz

φ=2700 kg/m^2


λ=10 m

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The following website may be useful for understanding spring theory.